Lerrone Richards: “I Should Be A Lot Higher In The Rankings!”

Lerrone Richards Says He Is Being Underrated

Super middleweight boxer Lerrone Richards with his European titles
Lerrone Richards | Credit Queensberry

Lerrone Richards Doesn’t Think Current Rankings Do Him Justice

In the sport of boxing, to become a world champion, there first must exist a certain type of mindset within the athlete. Naturally, even when starting off at the bottom, they must ultimately believe that they are the one true apex predator prowling their division. This dynamic largely rings true when it comes to IBO super middleweight champion Lerrone “Sniper the Boss” Richards (16-0, 3 KO’s). The talented UK pugilist is fresh off his career-best win over veteran Carlos Gongora.

“It was a tactical performance, I had to be smart, I had to be disciplined. I had to show some world class skills in there and I done that and I got the victory. So, I am very pleased.”

When pressed for his overall assessment in the division, Richards will easily admit that he still has a great deal to learn in the sport. At the same time however, Sniper the Boss feels as though he is among the cream of the crop right here and now. With that being the case, he thinks that his #13 slot within the IBF WBC rankings are unreflective of his true skill. Yet, he realizes that he still must prove himself further on the world stage, as he told IFL TV.

“Yeah, I believe that I should be a lot higher, but look I have always done things the hard way. And, if I have to continue doing things the hard way, that is fine, but I will get there soon.”


While he might not agree with his placement in the rankings, Richards is still grateful to be listed within them. Out of the four major sanctioning bodies, Sniper the Boss is eyeing one with far more intensity than the others.

“I like the IBF, I like the color of the belt and obviously they enforce their mandatories. The IBF might be the rout that I take.”

At the moment, it seems like Richards has just about made his mind up regarding which belt he is interested in pursuing. Yet, you never really can tell what will happen next in this tricky sport. Therefore, it will be interesting to see what’s next for Richards.

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By: Bakari Simpson

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