Teofimo Lopez: “It’s So Much More Than Just Being A Strong Fighter”

Teofimo looking forward to showing off boxing

Teofimo Lopez
Teofimo Lopez

Teofimo looking forward to showing off boxing

For a great deal of fight fans, the October 17 lightweight unification bout airing on ESPN boils down to power versus skill. Most believe that WBC “Franchise,” WBA super and WBO world lightweight champion Vasiliy “Hi-Tech” Lomachenko (14-1, 10 KO’s) represents the skill. And naturally, IBF world lightweight champion Teofimo “El Brooklyn” Lopez (15-0, 12 KO’s) is bringing the power.

When confronted with this wildly prevalent train of thought, at the final presser, Lopez pretty much blew off the notion. He realizes that Loma is highly praised for his dazzling footwork. At the same time, he pointed out Hi-Tech has been in the game longer. While their records are near identical, Lomachenko did begin his professional journey three years earlier.


With that additional time, Loma has been able to display more versatility in his fight game. Given more time, and stiffer competition, Lopez is confident that his in-ring skills will shine bright for the world to see.

“It’s so much more than just being a strong fighter and just coming forward and throwing, what, lucky punches! The whole thing really what it comes to is the ring IQ, you got to be smart. I mean eighteen years, I mean I don’t look that bad!”


Throughout the build-up to this fight, Lopez has stated that he fully intends on stopping Loma. This claim is in alignment with the public’s perception that he is the bull to Loma’s matador in bout. Nevertheless, when directly asked when he would he knockout Hi-Tech, he seemed reluctant to stand as firmly on that claim.

“Tune in October 17, live on ESPN and you guys don’t want to miss it. Get your popcorn ready and just enjoy the show! It’s the take over and the Hi-Tech, they say, and two other guys going at it. Anything can happen! One punch can change the fight or one punch can end the night, so tune in.”

Regardless of who prevails, the fight world should be in for a great rumble. Yet, it is interesting that Lopez, on the eve of the big fight, is not exuding the same naked bravado that he has throughout the prefight hype. Let us see if he is just focused or if we are seeing hairline fractures in his confidence.

Either way, it will be an entertaining and action-packed discovery process on October 17!

By: Bakari Simpson

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