Lucas Matthysse vs Manny Pacquiao Weigh-In Results

Pacquiao vs Matthysse

Matthysse – Pacquiao weigh-in Full Card Results!

As everyone knows, the big fight this week is Lucas Matthysse vs. Manny Pacquiao set to take
place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Saturday night (late Sunday morning, Malaysian time) and will
be televised here in the U.S. on the ESPN+ app.

On Friday evening U.S. time, the weigh-in took place for the Matthysse vs. Pacquiao card. Here are the official weights for Matthysse and Pacquiao as well weights from the undercard bouts:

Lucas Matthysse vs. Manny Pacquiao (WBA Welterweight Title)
Matthysse – 146.7 lbs.
Pacquiao – 146 lbs.

Carlos Canizales vs. Bin Lu (WBA Lt. Flyweight Title)
Canizales – 106.4 lbs.
Lu – 106.7 lbs.

Muhammad Waseem vs. Murati Mthalane (vacant IBF Flyweight Title)
Waseem – 111.3 lbs
Mthalane – 111.5 lbs.

Jhack Tepora vs. Edivaldo Ortega (WBA Interim Featherweight Title)
Tepora – 125.4 lbs.
Orgeta – 125.6 lbs.

Both Lucas Matthysse and Manny Pacquiao appear to have made weight without any serious issues and look to be in excellent shape. Each fighter appeared confident and relaxed during the weigh-in and shook hands afterwards as opposed to engaging in the customary stare-down.

The vibe was quite the opposite as far as the weigh-in for Muhammad Waseem and Moruti
Mthalane. Things got a bit testy as Waseem and Mthalane (as well as their camps) pointed fingers at each other and engaged in some trash-talking following an intense face-off.

Based on the stare-down alone, both Waseem and Mthalane mean business.

By: Michael Wilson Jr.

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