Scott On Wilder’s Loss To Parker: “He Couldn’t Pull The Trigger”

Malik Scott Explains Wilder's Loss to Joseph Parker

Malik Scott explains Deontay WIlder's loss to Joseph Parker
Malik Scott explains Deontay WIlder's loss to Joseph Parker | credit: The Associate Press, Neville Elder/Getty Images

Malik Scott Analyzes Deontay Wilder’s Loss to Joseph Parker

One-time WBC heavyweight champion Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder (43-3-1, 42KO) faced a shocking upset loss to Joseph Parker (34-3, 23KO), leaving trainer, Malik Scott, to provide candid insights into the unexpected turn of events.

Parker disrupted the plans of a mega-fight featuring Wilder and two-time unified champion Anthony Joshua. Since then, the boxing community has been grappling with how Parker dominated the hardest puncher in the heavyweight division. Even The Bronze Bomber expressed his bewilderment on social media.


However, Scott, in an interview with FightHype, revealed what he believes to be the unbiased truth that sheds light on the situation.

“He just had an awful day, and you know he just couldn’t pull the trigger . . . we can always go to the long two-year layoff, and not only was it a long two-year layoff. He went up against, after the two-year layoff, a former heavyweight champion. Somebody that fought four times in one year and somebody that can actually fight.”

Scott acknowledged that Team Parker executed the correct game plan, which played a significant role in scoring the upset.

“Father Time is undefeated as well. He’s not 28 years old no more – a two-year layoff, and a different mentality . . . Father Time is undefeated, Deontay couldn’t pull the trigger . . . and we have to give credit to the opponent . . . Andy and Joe, they had a very, very good methodical game plan.”

He is spot on as Wilder is 38 years old and seems to have lost the hunger that made him a dangerous wrecking machine.

The Bronze Bomber has promised to return. However, once a fighter has a change in mentality and can no longer pull the trigger, it’s a recipe for disaster.

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