Sulaiman: “We Are Considering A League For Transgender Boxers!”

Mauricio Sulaimán Looking To Support Transgender Boxing

Collage of Mauricio Sulaiman and Pat Manuel
Mauricio Sulaiman (Credit: WBC) | Pat Manuel - First professional transgender boxer (Credit: Everlast)

Mauricio Sulaiman is Considering a League for Transgender Boxing

Transgender boxing is a sensitive subject and it should be taken with absolute responsibility and care, according to Mauricio Sulaiman, WBC president. He proposes an exclusive league for transgender fighters in boxing.

In an interview with IZQUIERDAZO, Sulaiman speaks further on the matter.

“We are considering the proposal of creating a league for transgender boxing fights. We are having a continuous forum. What we are looking for, is to prevent the danger of a potential accident in the ring.”

Last week, the WBC president attended the Association of Boxing Commissions convention, where the matter was discussed.

“(Transgender boxing) is something that we definitely need to address. Boxing needs to have a formal stance on this matter.”

One of the most sensitive points is how to avoid discrimination issues.

“We can easily be caught in a confusion or misunderstanding where the discussion can get distorted, and focus only in the equality or discrimination angle, but not on the medical side of it.

“That is why we need to address the subject with all responsibility and detail. There are medical studies, specific questions, and we will put it in the agenda for our next convention.”

Sulaiman is adamant that women’s boxing needs to be secure at all costs, and that is why transgender boxing needs its own category.

“Our position about women’s boxing is absolute and total protection. There will be no changes in the conditions for women’s boxing. Being a subject in which a woman fights in a combat there has to be total and absolute regulation.

“The body, and human skeleton is different between a male and a female. There are many points to be addressed, it is sensitive and complicated.”

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