Tyrone McKenna Pounds Out A Unanimous Decision Win Over Jose Felix

Tyrone McKenna thrills fans with an exciting win over rugged late substitute Jose Felix

Tyrone McKenna poses at weigh-in for junior welterweight fight with Jose Felix
Tyrone McKenna

Tyrone McKenna thrills fans with an exciting win over rugged late substitute Jose Felix

There’s an unknown quality heading into Tyrone McKenna’s ten-round junior welterweight contest against Jose Felix at Falls Park in Belfast, Northern Ireland. McKenna was due to face Zhankosh Turarov, but a late switch of opponents means he now faces the hard-punching Mexican. However, McKenna enjoys the thrill of the moment and loves to live on the edge in the ring.

2021 has been the year of tough, little-known Mexican fighters springing up from seeming nowhere to score an upset. Jose Felix qualifies as a tough Mexican warrior. The 29-year-old from Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico has a reputation of someone who can hit and is dangerous. Can he join the latest wave of fighters from Mexico to spring a surprise?


At 6’1”, McKenna (22-2-1, 6 KOs) is very tall for the division. Despite physical advantages, he often prefers to fight on the front foot and trade. That was his strategy once again as he fought with a fury early following a low blow from Felix (39-5-1, 30 KOs) in the opening seconds of round one. Late in the round, the Mexican went down from a right hook to the head. However, replays showed that Felix went down from being cuffed rather than a legitimate punch.

From there, it was on like a hot plate of neckbones as both men decided to stand and fight. Early in round three, two punches from Felix put McKenna down on the seat of his pants. Forever a warrior, McKenna dusted himself off and fought harder after getting hurt! He went on the attack looking to exact his pound of flesh.

Early fireworks from both men continued through the middle rounds. This was not about boxing, it was a war of wills, which is just how the Irishman prefers. The physical toll was evident. McKenna was cut above his right eye while Felix developed swelling and bruising over and under his right eye.

The work-rate of the home area fighter proved to be the separating factor over the second half of the contest. Felix landed an occasional hard shot, but his punch rate slowed down considerably.

In the end, Tyrone McKenna won by unanimous decision (97-91, 97-92, 99-91). He promised a war before the fight and delivered to the delight of a boisterous crowd at Falls Hall. The local favorite also won the vacant WBO Inter-Continental junior welterweight title. That will very well land him in the WBO world ratings at 140 pounds.

By: Michael Wilson Jr.

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