Wilfredo Mendez Cleans Up Kenny Cano. Taniguchi Rematch Next?

Wilfredo Mendez Gets Back Into The Win Column

Wilfredo Mendez and Masataka Taniguchi take poses
Wilfredo Mendez and Masataka Taniguchi take poses

Wilfredo Mendez Defeats Kenny Cano, Keeps Hope Alive for Taniguchi Rematch

Former WBO Minimumweight champion Wilfredo “Bimbito” Lopez (17-2, 6KOs) pitched a shutout in a bounce-back fight against Kenny Cano (14-5, 11KOs) via unanimous decision. Next up is a rematch to try and regain the title.

Mendez is on the comeback trail after being upset by Masataka Taniguchi back in December 2021. Mendez is still ranked #4 by the WBO. Therefore, he is still within striking distance of getting a chance at revenge. The 25-year-old Puerto Rican needed this fight to boost his confidence after getting brutally knocked out in the eleventh round.

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Bimbito used his championship experience from the moment the bell sounded. Immediately the former champion started attacking the body, landing the straight left hand on the pit of the stomach.

In the first round, Mendez landed a perfect straight left hand to the body. The follow-up right hook to the temple dropped Cano. Despite beating the count, Cano was not able to keep up with the skill of the former champion.

As the fight continued, Mendez was in full control. He mixed up the attack and landed the lead right hook over the low jab attempt by Cano. The former champion was slipping punches while landing counter right and left hooks of his own.

In round six, Mendez was getting very aggressive. He landed a nice body shot that set Cano to one knee following a delayed reaction. However, the former champion went to land one more punch and there was a clash of heads that caused Cano’s left eye to swell up.

Unable to continue fighting, Cano was immediately escorted out of the arena to get medical attention, while Mendez was declared the winner by all three judges by 60-53. It will be interesting to see if Mendez tries to get the rematch to regain the title against Taniguchi next.

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