Jaime Munguia Earns His Victory In A War With Gabriel Rosado!

Jaime Munguia v Gabriel Rosado please fans with an all-out war

Jaime Munguia flexes at weigh-in for middleweight fight against Gabriel Rosado
Jaime Munguia

Jaime Munguia v Gabriel Rosado pleases fans with an all-out war

This was a classic Mexican versus Puerto Rico rivalry. Former WBO junior middleweight champion Jaime Munguia (38-0, 30ko) against veteran Puerto Rican fighter Gabriel “King” Rosado (26-14-1, 15ko).

Rosado is one of those fighters that continues to find ways to remain relevant in the sport. He has shared the ring with several world champions: David Lemieux, Daniel Jacobs, and current IBF middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin. Rosado scored a huge upset over rising prospect Bektermir Melikuziev. Shortly after the fight, he called for a fight with Munguia, and Golden Boy Promotions quickly made it happen.

Munguia made a name for himself after running over then WBO champion Sadam Ali after being rejected as an opponent for GGG back in 2018. He would go on to defend the title five times before looking to test the waters at middleweight. Since entering the division back in 2020, Munguia has laid waste to every opponent showing that his power has carried up with him.


This fight started with Munguia showing more skills than fans are used to seeing. He was pumping the jab and throwing combination punches. Rosado, showing patience, would start landing the straight left and right-hand down the middle. The fans were waiting for a war to break out as both men were landing solid shots.

In round four, a light bulb went off in the head of the Puerto Rican fighter as he went right-hand crazy, landing the hard shots to the body and three right-hands in the clinch. Munguia would fire back with hard body shots and Rosado would respond with a flurry of right and left hooks. Following that, Munguia closed out the round with a four-punch combination that brought the crowd to their feet.


Munguia was overwhelming the veteran Rosado with volume, landing hard right-hands and hooks to the body. Gabe was looking to set traps for the younger Mexican fighter, catching him flush on the chin with a counter right-hand and uppercut. However, Munguia would come back with another flurry of punches, landing a right-hand that had the veteran fighter holding on for dear life. Rosado wrestled the younger fighter to the canvas to break his rhythm.

The crafty veteran started taking advantage of having a free hand by landing the uppercut and pushed off to land a bone-chilling right-hand that saw Munguia’s legs wobble a little. Going into the championship rounds, Munguia was showing signs of fatigue. Yet he continued to land hard body shots while Rosado would land sneaky right-hands.


It was a fun fight to watch. Even if you are sitting at home watching this war, these fighters earned a standing ovation. As the fight was coming to a close, Munguia was not slowing down. He was throwing uppercuts and the right-hand was finding a home on the chin of Rosado. Nonetheless, Gabriel Rosado proved to be a live dog, landing a hard pull-counter right-hand throughout the fight. He continued to respond but with only one or two punches at a time.

The young Mexican fighter closed out the fight with an unanswered ten-punch combination, landing hard left hooks and right-hands to the body and head. When the final bell sounded, the fans cheered with pure satisfaction. The judges’ scorecards read 119-109, 118-110, and 117-111 in favor of the former Mexican champion. 3kingsboxing agrees with the latter scorecard.

Golden Boy Promotions is interested in making the fight that escaped Jaime Munguia all those years ago with Gennady Golovkins, provided he defeats WBA ‘super’ Champion Ryota Murata.

By: Garrisson Bland

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