Luis Nunez Wins Close Battle With Jonathan Fierro

"The Twist" Nunez Remains Undefeated

Luis Nunez flexes at weigh-in for bout with Jonathan Fierro
Luis Nunez

Luis Nunez Topples Jonathan Fierro in Challenging Bout

In his most recent tour of duty, undefeated featherweight boxer Luis Reynaldo “The Twist” Nunez (17-0, 12 KOs) kept his flawless record intact. The crafty Dominican pugilist pulled this off by toppling ultra-confident southpaw fighter Jonathan “Diamante Zurdo” Fierro (13-1, 12 KO’s) by way of unanimous decision.

In this era of being super protective of one’s “O,” this was an impressive and ambitious match-up for both fighters. The bout also served as a great follow-up fight for Nunez who soundly defeated Carlos Arrieta in his last outing. Despite being only 22 years old himself, it appeared that those three years housed more experience than the 19-year old Fierro could handle.

Of course, this was just about the worst case scenario for Fierro who now has some thinking to do. To his credit though, Diamante Zurdo showed that he needs more concentration on his mindset and approach rather than his actual boxing skills. Ideally, he takes this loss as a reason to buckle down and come back stronger.


The battle of undefeated fighters got off to a quick start as Fierro went straight at Nunez right at the clang of the opening bell. The gung-ho Mexican threw a river of hooks at Nunez and he caught him with a healthy number of right hooks. The same format persisted in the second, only now a clash of heads left Nunez bleeding from his left eye and Fierro from the back of his head. While Nunez was nowhere near as busy or aggressive as his foe, The Twist enjoyed notable success with his counter right hook.

In the third round there was a significant shift in action as Nunez saw a dramatic increase in his counter punching accuracy. Fierro had been lunging in and throwing wide, loopy punches at his opponent, yet now he was being made to pay for rash actions with regularity. This caused Fierro to drop his activity notably. About the middle portion of the fifth period, the two men suddenly broke into a tit-for-tat war. Nunez continued to work wonders with his counter right hook while Fierro clobbered him with a bevy of stiff, straight lefts.


Over the course of the sixth and seventh rounds, The Twist fell back into a more relaxed mode and opted to book rather than rumble. The tactic served him well. As the action slowed, his ring generalship became more visibly apparent. Very little changed regarding the overall dynamics of the fight as the rounds faded away into oblivion.

As he refused to stop lunging and leaping in to get in punch range, he made it easy to Nunez to pick him off in his approach. Diamante Zurdo certainly scored with his own offense but it was The Twist who was far more consistent with his landed blows. It was also very evident that they were fighting the style of fight that suited Nunez more comfortably. As a result when the cards were read, Luis Nunez won by way of 96-94 (three times).

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By: Bakari Simpson

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