Oleksandr Usyk Maintains WBO Mandatory Position! Defeats Chisora

Oleksandr Usyk Tames Dereck Chisora

Oleksandr Usyk poses at weigh-in
Oleksandr Usyk

Oleksandr Usyk tames the Dereck Chisora freight train!

Boasting a thirty-eight pound weight advantage, it was clear former heavyweight title challenger Dereck Chisora would try to maul the former Undisputed cruiserweight champion Oleksandr Usyk! Couple that with being 36 years-old and on the last-leg of his career, the British bruiser needed to get his much more skilled opponent out early!

With this being Usyk’s second straight fight at heavyweight, Chisora feels a bit disrespected that a much smaller opponent would come to his division leap-frogging him ito become a mandatory challenger and picked to be the favorite in their match-up. Can’t really blame him since he is an established heavyweight looking for one last crack at a title.

However, this fight kind of presents a “smoke and mirrors” type of story. The reference can really be taken two ways.

On one hand, many believe the former cruiserweight champion is just too small for the heavyweight division. This despite fighting in the division early in his pro career and as an amateur. While on the other, given the trouble Usyk faced early on, the fans that thought he would dominate the heavyweight division may have be dialing back on that opinion.

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As expected, Chisora was a bull rushing the red flag as he bullied the former champion all over the ring. Usyk had no choice but to be on the defensive. While Chisora looked to be in control early, the real concern was could he keep up this pace?

To the surprise of many fans, he did so beyond the third round. Usyk found himself possibly down four rounds going into the fifth. But given his age and how much weight he put on a 6’1″ frame, the British fighter is sure to tire right?

Once Usyk found his rhythm (around the third round) and Chisora started to slow down, it was over from there. Usyk by no means looked dominant. However, given his opponent hung his hat on taking out the smaller fighter early made him use all of the gas he had in his tank.

By round five, Usyk picked him apart while utilizing the full size of the ring and making Chisora use more energy chasing him. This would not be a popular game-plan with the fans since he elected to stay out of harms way. However, it was the obvious one to implore and given Usyk’s intellect, he knew it!


Chisora tried his hardest to bite down, stay active and keep his opponent in front of him. His heart and desire to win this fight was undeniable. However, Usyk being the smaller fighter and having a bigger gas tank allowed him to flat-out last longer!

In his efforts to try to stay relevant in the second half of the fight, Chisora continuously ran into combinations. In round seven, he looked hurt and seemed to be out on his feet. Although, he was able to make the bell and never looked like that again in the fight.

All in all, Usyk banked on his opponent mauling him early in an attempt to knock him out, but tiring in the process. He was correct!


The former Undisputed champion would maintain his WBO mandatory position after twelve rounds. The scorecards read 117-112 and 115-113 twice. 3kingsboxing.com scored the fight 116-112.

Usyk mentioned that he did not like his performance and rated himself a three out of ten. Furthermore, he mentioned the need to train more since he’d been out of the ring for a year before entertaining a fight with unified champion Anthony Joshua.

Therefore, it looks like we will see Usyk in the ring with another heavyweight challenger before he exacts his mandatory position!

By: EJ Williams

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