Luis Ortiz Stops Travis Kauffman in 10

Luis Ortiz stops Travis Kauffman
Luis Ortiz (right) stops Travis Kauffman (left) in ten rounds.

Luis Ortiz stops Travis Kauffman in the tenth

Luis Ortiz slowly, but surely broke down and eliminated Travis Kauffman in ten rounds at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Through the first three rounds, Ortiz methodically stalked his opponent; controlling the jab mixed in with power shots to the head and body. The most action we saw from Kauffman was his occasional unorthodox switching. He was constantly on the move wary of his opponent’s power.

The underdog started to stand his ground a bit more in the fifth round of the fight. However, Ortiz was still landing double and triple jabs as well as right-hook combinations to the head and body. Thirty seconds into round six, Kaufman went down by way of a hard left straight to the jaw. To his credit, Kauffman got up and was able to survive the round.

Round 6 and On

The seventh round was a nothing round, but Ortiz’s power showed itself early in the eighth. Kauffman went down for a second time in the fight, once again by way of a left hand. Ortiz seemed to be having fun in there, knowing he was facing no real resistance.

As a result, Ortiz chose to box; seemingly intent of getting some rounds in. It would have been nice if Ortiz had stepped on the gas and finished his opponent off at the point because he could do anything he wanted with Kauffman in there.

Kauffman went down for a third time 50 seconds into round ten from a counter left-hand above the ear. A follow-up combination later in the round hurt him again and with 1:02 to go in the round, referee Thomas Taylor called a halt to the contest as he was taking a beating on the ropes.

Overall. a solid win for Ortiz who not only got rounds in, but the knockout finish he desired.

By: Michael Wilson Jr.

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