Victor Ortiz Talks Boxing Return: “I’m Coming Back For My Belts!”

Victor Ortiz Says he's Not Done Yet!

Victor Ortiz
Victor Ortiz

Victor Ortiz Talks Boxing Return

In a recent live session with Fight Hype, welterweight wildcard “Vicious” Victor Ortiz (32-6-3, 25 KO’s) openly discussed the potential of his return to the sport. According to Ortiz, after he sorts out some lingering legal matters, he will be extremely eager to jump back into action. Unfortunately though, those legal outcomes could be quite impactful.

While Ortiz did not get into the specifics of what he was currently dealing with, the hard-hitting Californian did allude to the court obligations dating back two years. Obviously, there is a chance that it’s something else. However, the only major court case that was reported to involve Ortiz in that time frame is a 2018 tjree-count rape accusation.


Provided those legal outcomes fall in his favor, Vicious Victor would happily reintroduce himself to the welterweight scene. In fact, not only is he adamant about his chances of once again becoming a world champion, he is a bit mystified as to why the boxing world wrote him off so easily.

“The boxing world wrote me off, you know? The boxing world said, ‘Victor Ortiz is done, Victor Ortiz retired, Victor Ortiz will never fight again.’ I don’t know where they got that source from, I don’t know why they thought that. I mean, I’m not done.

“The only reason that I haven’t fought is because two years ago I went through some really ugly experiences in the court system and I am still dealing with them. So I have been in and out of courts over that. The moment that’s over, with God’s name, in God’s name when it’s over and this COVID is over, I’m back in the ring.”


Whether or not Ortiz really doesn’t understand or is only playing a role, it’s not very hard to fathom why folks would lose faith in the admittedly skilled fighter. Since the biggest fight of his career against Floyd “Money” Mayweather (50-0, 27 KO’s), Vicious has shown himself to be a wildly unpredictable character.

Even in that bout, Ortiz blatantly attempted to illegally headbutt Mayweather. The underhanded maneuver set into a motion a quick series of events that concluded with Ortiz getting knocked out in the following moments. Since that time, he has amassed an unsavory record of (3-4-1) in his last eight bouts, on top of devolving into a once-a-year fighter.

In fact, it’s now been nine years since his 2011 bout with Andre Berto (32-5, 24 KO’s) when he last beat a top name in the sport. Not to mention his in-ring mental collapses when facing Marcos Maidana and Josesito Lopez, the two round destruction by Luis Collazo, or his other out-of-competition legal woes.

Prior to the 2018 rape accusation, he has been to court to answer for a 2016 DUI charge and suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon in 2015.


Regardless of this trail of damaging incidents and behavior patterns, Victor Ortiz is convinced that upon his return, he will be a major problem within the 147lbs landscape.

“I don’t think the welterweight division is happy to see that I am a dangerous guy. Left-handed, I hit hard with both hands, I still got it up here [points to head]. So hey, I’m coming back for my belts because my two sons will see daddy as the world champion again!

“At the end of the day its like this, I am going to live my life my way and God is going to make sure that I am world champion again. People got something to say about it, that’s your problem you know? Everyone has their opinion.”

By: Bakari Simpson

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