De La Hoya: “Ryan Garcia Is Not Focused On Saturday’s Fight”

Time Has Not Mended the Damage Between Garcia and Golden Boy

Oscar De La Hoya and Ryan Garcia feud ahead of Duarte fight
Oscar De La Hoya and Ryan Garcia feud ahead of Duarte fight | credit: Cris Esqueda/Golden Boy, Getty Images

De La Hoya and Ryan Garcia Feud Publicly Before Fight Night

The ongoing saga between top junior welterweight “King” Ryan Garcia (23-1, 19KO) and promotional company Golden Boy Promotions is getting tiresome. However, his recent outburst has drawn concerns of Garcia’s state of mind from CEO Oscar De La Hoya.

“I’m really concerned about Ryan Garcia’s state of mind. His current erratic behavior shows he’s clearly not focused on Saturday’s fight. You won’t take my calls, Ryan I hope you’re okay.”

This never-ending telenovela includes public outbursts on social media, lawsuits, and trust issues, with the first signs of trouble surfacing in 2019. King gave fans the first indication things were not right with him and his team at Golden Boy.

The situation has escalated since De La Hoya admitted that they are not on speaking terms, and he believes their relationship is beyond repair.


In his recent rant, Garcia vented frustration during a press conference for his upcoming fight against Oscar Duarte, taking issue with a comment made by executive Bernard Hopkins. The Californian’s focus should ideally be on the fight scheduled for Saturday, December 2.

Despite the entertainment value of Garcia making his promoter uncomfortable on live camera, it raises concerns. His heightened sensitivity to every word from Golden Boy’s executives seems to be a persistent issue. De La Hoya and Hopkins are aware of how sensitive their fighter can be and don’t always have to publicly call him out.

A separation between the two parties appears likely in the near future. Heading into 2024, the question remains about how much longer this strained relationship can persist.

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