Parker Appealing His Loss to Whyte!

Parker’s promoter Duco Events looks to appeal Dillian Whyte decision!

The Whyte/Parker story isn’t over yet!

After a close decision loss to Dillian Whyte, the promoter for Joseph Parker is looking into appealing the result.

Their reasoning is in the second round, they cite a clash of heads as the culprit for an unnecessary knockdown score for Whyte.

In addition, Duco Events believes Parker would have won the round barring the knockdown. Moreover, a draw should be the result of the fight in their view.

For the record, the official scores were: Stephen Gray (113-112),
Christophe Fernandez (115-110) and Phil Austin (114-111) all for Whyte.

Looking into the history of fighters seeking a similar change, the possibility of the request being honored is slim.

Therefore, it is a high possibility the former WBO champion will have to accept the second loss of his career.

By: Corey Cunningham

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