Porter: “I Am the Best Welterweight in the Entire World!”

Shawn Porter Declares Himself Number One at 147!

Shawn Porter
Shawn Porter

Shawn Porter Declares Himself Number One at 147!

Shawn Porter is usually not one for brash statements. However, he has come out to declare himself as the number one welterweight in the world! In a video posted on the Boxing Social YouTube page, Porter goes on for about 5 minutes stating his case

This comes nearly two months after his fight of the year candidate war with unified welterweight champion Errol Spence, where he lost a razor thin split decision on September 28.

“We had Pac-Man and One Time, then we had Showtime and The Truth. I think y’all saw the truth that night and if you didn’t see the truth, you see the truth right now.

I am the best welterweight in the entire world! You move out records, you look at the champions and the former champions and you compare them. What do they have? Thurman has power, Spence has power, I have power, Pacquiao has speed.

You can say Thurman and Spence got speed, but guess what? I got speed! Pacquiao got quickness, I got quickness. I got the one thing these guys ain’t got. They all talk about it, they all think they got it, it shows every fight I’m in. Y’all have seen it every fight. I have the heart not of a lion, not of a dog but of a professional boxing champion. That’s what I have!”

That was a mouthful from the former two-time welterweight champion.

While he has some legitimate arguments, when you go by what we saw in the ring against Keith Thurman, Kell Brook and Errol Spence, you saw him lose against those guys for whatever reasons you choose to point out.

Yes he went to war with Thurman and Spence. Arguments can be made for him being the victor in those fights. But facts are facts, he lost those fights.

While he’s still a top 3 to 4 welterweight in the world, number one goes to either Errol Spence Jr or Terence Crawford.

Until he’s able to show he can not only compete with the top guys but also beat them, it’s hard to put him atop the division. Heart alone will not do it, nor does a resume against the elite with only one victory against one of the elite welterweights.

By: Jerrell Fletcher

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