Lomachenko on Franchise Title: “I Did Not File & No One Asked For It!”

Vasiliy Lomachenko Holding Nothing Back!

Vasiliy Lomachenko
Vasiliy Lomachenko

Vasiliy Lomachenko Holding Nothing Back!

On November 19, WBA/WBO World Lightweight champion Vasiliy Lomachenko (14-0-10 KO’s) released a video on his YouTube channel discussing a variety of topics from food to film. And of course, he discussed boxing.

The lightweight kingpin reflected on his status in the Pound 4 Pound Rankings, had a very interesting opinion on Canelo Alvarez’s win over Sergey Kovalev, as well as his thoughts about Devin Haney.

Pound 4 Pound Status

In the most recent rankings from Ring Magazine, “Canelo” Alvarez replaced Lomachenko as their #1 Pound 4 Pound fighter in the sport. The move is immaterial to Loma, who questions the process behind the Pound 4 Pound Rankings to begin with.

“I wouldn’t reflect much on this topic, because any of the top boxers out of the top-five, I think, every one of them considers himself number one Pound 4 Pound.

“That’s why talking about who is better and who is worse is… there are special commissions for this.

“There is an authoritative Magazine such as The Ring. They choose according to some criteria. I don’t know if they are subjective or objective. They make a decision.”

Reaction To Kovalev – Canelo

Lomachenko admittedly didn’t watch the fight and took surprise with the outcome. Although, he thinks age has taken over and it may be time for the 37-year-old Kovalev to call it quits.

While he has respect for Canelo, he wonders if the result of the fight was more a product of a younger and fresher fighter taking advantage of an older opponent who has shown a history of stamina problems.

Canelo Shade?

Asked whether feels Alvarez will continue to campaign at light heavyweight or if it’s about the money, the answer from the 31-year-old could be viewed as a dig towards Alvarez.

“It’s not really about money or names here. He has a contract that he has signed. And no matter who he fights, he has a fixed sum.

“The question is if they use correct techniques to approach for him and to choose such interesting opponents for him.

“They seem to have names, but they aren’t on that level or at the peak like they used to be. He didn’t try it two years ago when [Kovalev] was at the peak of his form.

“Now he hasn’t agreed to box Bivol or Beterbiev. He chose Sergey, a boxer who has already shown his full potential.”

Clearing Things Up

Awarded the WBC “Franchise” Champion in October at the recent WBC Convention, he wants one thing made clear: he did not ask to be awarded with the “Franchise” belt.

“I read an interview with [WBC president] Mauricio Sulaiman. He said we filed a request to be awarded the ‘franchise’ title.

“I would like to make it clear. I did not file anything and no-one asked for it. When I read that, I was very surprised.”

According to the fighter, Mauricio Sulaiman made that decision independently feeling he was worthy of that distinction.

Who is Devin Haney?

With Lomachenko now a “Franchise” champion, Devin Haney (who was the WBC mandatory contender at 135-pounds) was elevated to WBC World Lightweight champion.

Haney (24-0, 16 KO’s) has repeatedly claimed that Lomachenko is avoiding him. Loma scoffs at the notion and asks what has Haney accomplished?

“Who is Devin Haney? Who has he defeated? How has he gained the title? How? He got the belt because I vacated and it was granted to him. It is not a question.

“As I said, I am ready to fight with anyone and at anytime and anywhere, it doesn’t matter.”

Not Mincing Words

Lomachenko has never been one to hold his tongue. When something is on his mind, most times he lets folks know how he feels, especially when it’s boxing related.

Certainly, nothing was held back during this interview.

By: Michael Wilson Jr.

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