Porter Threatens to Cut Spence!

Shawn Porter Threatens to Cut Spence!

Errol Spence and Shawn Porter
Errol Spence and Shawn Porter

Shawn Porter Threatens to Cut Spence!

Boy, oh boy! Its undeniable that the rivalry between Shawn “Showtime” Porter and Errol “The Truth” Spence Jr is getting seriously intense and bitter in a hurry! The two highly-decorated welterweights are scheduled to go to war on September 28 in the LA’s infamous Staple Center.

During the few preliminary promo events to plug the fight, there has already been an air of tension. For his part, Porter has openly stated that he has no taste for the trash talking. For his part however, Spence appears to enjoy it.

In a recent sneak peak of a Premier Boxing Champions-hosted Face-to-Face session, this animosity has been ratcheted up to the next level. Even before this occasion, the Truth is on record for saying that Porter is notorious for using his head during prizefights. Due to this wanton and regular cranium usage Spence views Showtime as being a somewhat dirty fighter.

During the face-to-face, Spence pointedly claimed he had more ‘dog’ in him than Porter. Oddly, Showtime responded like character out of a 70’s pimp flick by saying “when I cut you, we gonna find out what’s going on”. Spence retorted he would only get cut through the use of a head or elbows, both of which are illegal. From here, the rest of the brief clip revolves around the Truth saying that Porter is a dirty, skill-less fighter who only operates with his natural God-given abilities.

“OK, the only way you cut me is with an elbow or head-butt, which you known for […] Roberto, it’s what you did with Devon, it’s what you do […] he knows he dirty!” ~Errol Spence Jr, IBF world welterweight champion


Typically Porter is a laid-back, carefree and jovial individual. Here, however, it’s clear that he took much offense to being labeled dirty and having no honed skills. For many viewers though, Porter has put a big foot in his mouth. This is because many share the same train of thought that Spence does. They maintain that Porter will intentionally try to utilize some manner of dirty, illegal tactics in their match.

This is a very bad look because Porter IS known for using his head. Even further, cuts due to head collisions ARE a regular staple in Showtime bouts. So, even if Porter has every intention of not using his head, it’s already in folk’s mind that he will. And in the regrettable situation that a cut is caused, in the court of public opinion, Porter has already been found guilty a little more than a month before the dust-up. That’s not good.

“Ey, if you calling me a dirty fighter, you don’t think I got skills. You don’t think I got good hand-speed, good boxing ability, you done thought something wrong.”

No matter how you slice it, if the actual bout is anywhere near as intense as these two fighters face-to-face interaction have been, we are in for a spectacular welterweight unification bout! Personally, I can’t wait for the full PBC face-to-face to premiere as well as, of course, the fight itself.

3kingsboxing will continue to report on this upcoming fiery prizefight!

By: Bakari Simpson

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