Prograis to Chisora: “Don’t try to play us”

Regis Prograis Responds to Dereck Chisora

Regis Prograis (left), Dereck Chisora
Regis Prograis (left), Dereck Chisora

Regis Prograis Responds to Dereck Chisora

For those who are familiar with Dereck “War” Chisora (31-9, 22 KO’s), they know to be ready for unexpected antics. When this week started, Regis “Rougarou” Prograis (24-0, 20 KO’s) was not one of these familiars. Although, after learning the hard way, he is now!


When on stage to promote the October 26 fight between Prograis and Josh “The Tartan Tornado” Taylor (15-0, 12 KO’s) Chisora took the time to air some of his grievances. Clearly, he was not pleased with his cut of money, given that he was not the main event. War primarily felt that he was selling the majority of the tickets because the fight was in his London backyard. Therefore, Chisora openly demanded that he should either receive greater financial compensation or be upgraded to the main event. In the course of sharing this information, Chisora efficiently derailed the presser for a brief period. During the short interlude, War boldly disrespected a number of people on stage, one of which was Regis Prograis.

Of all the folks sitting on the panel, Prograis was the only person to challenge what Chisora was saying. For his troubles, Chisora threatened to ‘squash’ the WBA world super lightweight champion. At the time of the incident, Prograis was unaware of who War was. Most importantly, he had no knowledge of his previous outbursts, reputation or had ever seen him fight before. Needless to say, since the now infamous eruption, the Rougarou has done his homework on Chisora!

Prograis can certainly understand a fighter wanting to get the biggest bag possible. However, he was not fond of the disrespect. In an interview conducted with Fight Hype, the hard-punching super lightweight went into greater detail on the matter.

“I heard that he does that stuff at press conferences and he threw a table last time, he do all kind of shit. But like I said I didn’t know nothing about him, and I didn’t know nothing about his record or nothing, you know, he got like nine losses and stuff like that. Come on bro, I understand what you saying, it’s cool to want more money and all that, like that’s no problem but you don’t have to disrespect me and him.” ~ Regis Prograis


In his estimation, he and Josh Taylor have earned their top billing. Not only are they the #1 and #2 fighters in their division, they are competing for a great deal of hardware. Along with the belts and accolades, Prograis and Taylor are both undefeated champions. Their bout on October 26 will bring to a conclusion the super lightweight portion of the World Boxing Super Series. All of these elements, in Prograis mind, more than justify his being in the main event.

“We fighting for, you know, a lot of stuff, you know? The WBA, IBF, Ring Magazine and the Muhammad Ali trophy, he kind of disrespected all that. So, it’s kind of a slap in the face to me, I feel like it was my fight basically. The main event, me and Josh Taylor or whatever. And that’s why, like I said, I stuck up for myself. I don’t care how big you are […] I only said #1 and #2 because that’s the only thing I knew about it, I couldn’t really speak on nothing else. […] after that I found out he got like nine losses and he not even a top ten heavyweight and all that stuff. I wish I would have known all that stuff, I could have kind of brought all that stuff up.” Regis Prograis

It will be interesting how Rougarou and War interact in the upcoming weeks and days. They will certainly cross paths before fight night and it’d be a smart bet to assume there will be more words exchanged and fireworks going off! Regardless of what transpires next, 3kingsboxing will definitely be on top of the latest developments.

“If dude want more money that’s cool, but don’t disrespect us, we champions. I don’t think he’s ever been champion before, […] we got belts for a reason, we world champions. And not just world champions, #1 and #2 in the world in our weight division […] and we undefeated champions. He never accomplished none of that stuff, so don’t try to play us and shit like that!” ~Regis Prograis

By: Bakari Simpson

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