Ramon Cardenas Stops Picazo; Emiliano Moreno Beats Melendez


Ramon Cardenas and Emiliano Moreno celebrates with their team
Ramon Cardenas breaks Israel Picazo's jaw for the stoppage and Emiliano Moreno defeats Axl Melendez

Cardenas Breaks Picazo’s Jaw While Moreno Decisions Melendez

In a super bantamweight showdown, Ramon Cardenas (24-1, 14KO) inches closer to a title shot after breaking the jaw of Israel Picazo (30-6, 20KO) for the stoppage.

Picazo’s movement and jab were keeping Cardenas at bay in the early rounds. He used the angles and took advantage of his opponent’s lack of movement to land quick combination punches.

The fight was beginning to look like Picazo was going to win easily. Then Cardenas finally started cutting off the ring and went to work landing hard compact counter right hands. The Texan even put together a solid body attack that forced the Mexican into retreat mode.

After a bizarre round five that saw a low blow and a clash of heads that opened up cuts on both fighters, Cardenas continued to close the gap landing short compact punches.

In round six, Cardenas landed a power counter right hand that had Picazo moving for dear life. At the end of the round, the doctor was adamant about stopping the fight after seeing Picazo’s jaw was severely damaged.

Moving forward it was a good victory for Cardenas, who needs to learn how to cut off the ring and stay off the centerline.


In a battle of undefeated welterweight prospects, Emilian Moreno (9-0, 5KO) emerged victorious in a war against Axl Melendez (7-1, 4KO).

This was a classic Mexico versus Puerto Rico rivalry as these guys went to war from the start of the bell. Melendez came out throwing blistering combinations that halted his opponent’s momentum at times. Yet, Moreno went on a relentless body attack that slowed down the Puerto Rican movement.

Despite showing signs of wear from those body shots, Melendez kept fighting back and found a home for the uppercut when in close. However, Moreno refused to let up and kept coming forward firing back with hard compact shots.

In the closing rounds, Melendez kept firing back, landing the right hand. Yet, Moreno kicked it into another gear and took over the fight with sheer volume. The Mexican landed some brutal hooks to the head and body until the final bell.

After eight hard fought rounds, one judge saw it 78-74, and two judges had it 77-75 in favor of Moreno. 3Kings Boxing agrees with the last two cards.

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