Romero: “I’m Fighting A More Exciting Fighter Than Ryan Garcia”

Rolly Believes He Won Out Over Ryan Garcia

Rolando Romero looks confident across from Ryan Garcia
Rolando Romero is certain he did well not taking the Ryan Garcia fight (credit: Sean M Ham/Mayweather Promotions, Getty)

Rolando Romero Justifies Decision To Pass on Ryan Garcia Fight

When junior welterweight fighter “King Ry” Ryan Garcia (24-1, 20 KO’s) initially backed out of his fight with WBC 140-pound champion Devin Haney, he figured he had a solid back up plan. Well that was until his desired opponent, WBA junior welterweight champion Rolando “Rolly” Romero (15-1, 13 KO’s), rejected the proposition. Instead, Rolly will test his might versus #2 (WBA) ranked fighter Isaac Cruz.

After being asked about this decision during a recent virtual media roundtable, Romero displayed zero remorse or regret.

“As far as Ryan Garcia, I’m fighting a much more exciting fighter right now. Why do we even care what the hell he has to say? I mean, at the end of it, he is going through stuff. He doesn’t even know who the hell is with him and against him, so that’s on him. Like I said, we got a massive fight that we’re going to do on March 30 and he is still just butthurt that I didn’t fight him and I decided to give Pitbull over here the opportunity to fight, and he can go fuck off!”


Given the present landscape, the decision to pass on Garcia might have been a better decision than Romero thought. After being snubbed by Rolly, King Ry was somewhat forced to meekly double-back and agree to face Haney again. Since then, however, King Ry has remained a daily avalanche of chaotic and manic social media uploads.

His posts and outburst have been so wild and off the wall that a huge segment of the boxing world believes he is suffering a mental break right before our eyes. Even a number of his own family members have expressed concern for his mental well-being.

With all this hubbub, combined with his previous episode of pulling out of a fight and citing mental health issues, this author believes it’s a strong possibility that King Ry withdraws from the April 20 clash with Haney. If that actually does come to pass, then that presumably would have been a bullet that Romero dodged. Only time will tell. But first, let’s see what Rolly and Cruz do on March 30, then wish on the next twinkling star that Haney and Garcia finally happens on April 20.

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