Ruiz: “My Right Hand To The Temple Puts Wilder Down!”

Andy Ruiz Confident he Outboxes Wilder in the Ring!

Andy Ruiz Jr says he puts down Deontay Wilder
Andy Ruiz Jr (L), Deontay Wilder (Credit: Toby Acuna)

Andy Ruiz Believes Deontay Wilder Hits the Mat, If They Fight

For a little while now, there has been an in-house PBC brawl brewing between heavyweight Andy Ruiz and Deontay Wilder. For his part, “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder (43-2-1, 42 KO’s) was the long-standing WBC heavyweight champion with ten defenses to his credit. The lethal right hand of Wilder, 37, liquefied 42 of his 43 beaten opponents, making him easily one of the most devastating punchers of this generation

Even with this being said, “Destroyer” Ruiz (35-2, 22 KO’s) is hardly worried about The Bronze Bomber’s power. This is because he is of the mindset that you first have to hit before you can hurt. And as he revealed to Boxing Social, not only is he hard to hit, his gloves aren’t filled with egg yolk!

“You know what, for me, I can take a punch! And I am not saying that he doesn’t hit hard or nothing – he damn well hits hard! But just how Eddie Hearn was saying, I’m going to get in, I am going to throw my combinations. I’m going to be fast, explosive and I feel that right hand in his temple, he is going to go down.”


This is a very makeable fight. As mentioned before, they are mutual PBC stablemates and both have expressed willingness to duel one another. They both last fought within a month of each other, both are on the comeback trail since recent defeats, and neither have a solid fight lined up.

Wilder is supposedly in some loose talks with Anthony Joshua’s think-tank. However, with their history, this is far from a solid bet. Wilder vs Ortiz is a fun match for the fans and greatly aids the victor in displaying their current dedication and danger level in the division.

Wilder, ranked #2 (WBA), #5 (IBF) and #7 (WBC), has deceptive movement and crippling power to rely on. Ruiz, ranked #2 (WBC), #3 (IBF) and #4 (WBO), has proven rather durable and his fast hands are formidable weapons. So let’s see if this juicy morsel of a bout gets made, or if the two lead characters can land bigger prizefights. Luckily no matter how this ordeal pans out, 3Kings Boxing will be here to report the news.

By: Bakari Simpson

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