Gary Russell Jr: “If The Fight Don’t Happen, Terence Crawford Is The Bitch”

Gary Russell Jr makes it personal with Terence Crawford!

Gary Russell Jr (left), Terence Crawford
Gary Russell Jr (left), Terence Crawford

Gary Russell Jr makes it personal with Terence Crawford!

You may have thought when you first heard of WBC featherweight champion Gary Russell Jr (31-1, 18ko) calling out WBO welterweight champion Terence “Bud” Crawford (36-0, 27ko) that it was a clout chase. Well, think again.

Over the summer, the talented southpaw champion made a lot of noise when he told a story of how he split the lip of the Nebraska champion. To boot, he was also willing to go up to welterweight for a fight.


Later it was revealed that he told Premier Boxing Champion head honcho Al Haymon to send over a contract for the fight. During an interview with 3kingsboxing affiliate Brawler Sports Media, Russell explained the situation and didn’t hold back.

“It was a question that was asked, I answered it and it just went everywhere. I answered honestly and shit, it just went from there. Terence felt some kind of way, I’m like well shit Terence, you don’t go no fight; ain’t nobody fighting you.”

“You whining and complaining. If he’s not going to fight either Keith Thurman, Errol Spence, or Pacquiao something like that, then why the fuck not fight me?!”

The WBC champion dropped some strong words, doubling down on his willingness to go straight to welterweight for the fight. Furthermore, Russell wants the fans to know how serious he is about the fight. If it doesn’t happen, he is already telling everyone who is at fault.

“I already sent a date to Al, I already told him what we want, why I want it, and how we want it and Al sent it out to them.”

Here is where it gets deep and personal.

“So the fans paying attention. If the fight don’t happen, it’s because Terence Crawford is the bitch and he just don’t want to fight, point blank period!”

By: Garrisson Bland

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