Garcia: “Haney Is Damaged Goods; I Wouldn’t Mind Fighting Him”

Will Devin Haney Return Worse for Losing?

Ryan Garcia open to giving Devin Haney a rematch
Ryan Garcia believes Devin Haney (credit: Martina Albertazzi) may be ruined

Ryan Garcia Believes Devin Haney May Be Ruined for Good

Marching into his last prizefight, popular junior welterweight fighter “King Ry” Ryan Garcia (25-1, 20 KO’s) was a huge underdog. Rather than following expectations however, Garcia prevailed in that encounter. Not only did he win, he dropped WBC 140-pound champion Devin “The Dream” Haney (31-1, 15 KO’s) three times during a rather destructive second half. As a result, he is convinced that the number he did on Haney will leave lasting scars.

In fact, a large measure of credit should be extended to The Dream for even surviving the ordeal. On each occasion that Haney went down, he was hurt badly and had oodles of time on the clock to negotiate. Somehow however, he lived to see the final bell.


Being that it’s one of his go-to comfort zones, it was not surprising to see that Garcia is right back on social media. While sharing his thoughts online, King Ry let it be known that he may have destroyed Haney for good.

“Well, I first got to see if Devin Haney will ever be back the same. But, if they want to run it back right away, it’d be easier this time because now he is damaged goods. So, I wouldn’t mind fighting him. But if I saw my son get his ass whooped like that, I’m not doing no rematch for a minute.”


Whether Garcia earnestly believes his words or is just trying to create another headline, his words may be true. It certainly is not an uncommon phenomenon to see a young, prideful boxer endure an embarrassing defeat and then lose their confidence in the squared-circle. Even with all his success to date, Haney is not inherently above falling victim to mental doubt or despondency. This would be truly sad if this outcome came to pass.

At the same time however, Haney does have the chance to flip this all around. As a result of Garcia coming in comically overweight, he was ineligible to win The Dream’s title. This is why Haney is still in possession of it. With this belt, the WBC champion should be able to secure some very meaningful bouts.

Provided that Haney returns to action without losing a step, then he could realistically resume his career without missing a beat. Sure, he still has to reestablish good will and faith with many of those in the fickle flock of the boxing fanbase. Yet, securing bouts with those at the top of the food chain should not be a problem at all. Now however, we just have to see if Ryan Garcia was right or wrong about Devin Haney being damaged goods.

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