Shields: “I Have No Respect For What Savannah Marshall Is Doing”

Claressa Shields Has No Respect For Savannah Marshall’s Accolades

Claressa Shields looks unimpressed with Savannah Marshall
Claressa Shields looks unimpressed with Savannah Marshall

Claressa Shields Shades Savannah Marshall Over Lackluster Resume

It is no secret when it comes to the bad blood between the self-proclaimed G.W.O.A.T (Greatest Woman Of All-Time) Claressa “T-Rex” Shields (11-0, 2ko) and amateur rival Savannah “Silent Assassin” Marshall (11-0, 9ko). Shields is well accomplished at both, the amateur and the professional level. However, she doesn’t have much respect for the path the WBO middleweight champion has taken as a professional.

The two champions have been barking at each other for a long time, and it all will finally come to an end in the summertime of 2022. Marshall is the only female to have ever defeated Shields, amateur or professional. She has been using that theme as a selling point to get under the skin of T-Rex.

During the build-up to their inevitable showdown, the WBO champion has stated that Shields wouldn’t go the distance with her. Meanwhile the current unified middleweight champ has taken shots at Marshall’s lackluster resume.

“What a load of crap. She [Claressa] won’t last two rounds with me!”

Savannah Marshall, WBO Middleweight Champion

“I don’t need to fight her to prove that I am better than her, I already know that […] She’s had the opportunities, she chose to fight lower opponents.”

Claressa Shields-Two-Divisional Undisputed Champion

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During an interview on the DAZN Boxing Show, the Michigan native continued to poke holes through the accomplishments of her arch-rival. Moreover, She exposed how Marshall used a cheat code to get all those knockouts.

“Everybody is sold on Savannah Marshall is a knockout puncher, and she is not. I am sorry, she’s not. Congrats on her knockouts, but the majority of them were last-minute replacements and girls coming up. She was supposed to have been a champion at 168 or 175. She comes all the way down to 160, after not fighting none of the champions at 75, 68, and now she at 60.”

“She is still fighting girls that are coming up from 47 and 54, and they are last-minute replacements, and she’s knocking them out.

Claressa Shields – Two-Divisional Undisputed Champion

Shields wrapped up the verbal beating of her nemesis’ resume pointing out that all of her opponents enjoyed proper preparation before fighting her.

“I really don’t respect what Savannah Marshall is doing, I don’t. Her last opponent was a three-day replacement, the opponent before that, seven-day notice. Every girl I fight got six to eight weeks to get ready for me.”

Claressa Shields – Two-Divisional Undisputed Champion

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