Levan Shonia Goes Rogue in Bulgaria After Loss (Video Included)

Levan Shonia
Levan Shonia attacks trainers after losing a decision on the under-card of Pulev vs Fury.

Boxer loses control, goes full rogue after refusing to accept defeat

In a scene only describable as chaotic, all hell broke loose in the aftermath of a Pulev-Fury undercard bout. The events followed Georgian Middleweight journeyman Levan Shonia losing a decision to Bulgarian prospect Spas Genov. It appears he either couldn’t believe he lost or refused to accept it.

Upon the announcement of the decision, Shonia snapped. The Georgian fighter tried to pick a fight with a perplexed Genov, who took surprise at the actions of Shonia. From there, things went even more bonkers.

After the ref stepped in to stop him, the fighter’s trainer stepped into the ring to try to calm his fighter down… only for Shonia to respond by attempting to land a 2-piece to the jaw of the trainer.

Wait, there’s more folks!

Shonia’s trainer tried to intervene and settle down his fighter down for a second time, only to fail. He again tried to punch his trainer (luckily, he missed). The trainer responded by taking a swing at him, only for Shonia to swing back at the trainer!

At this point Shonia’s trainer recognized that his fighter could not be controlled. The fighter then proceeded to walk to a neutral corner, climb on the ropes, and raise his arms in victory like he won the fight.

Just when you see think you have seen everything in boxing, something new will pop up that will leave you in shock and awe; literally asking yourself “WTF?!?!” What transpired in Bulgaria today certainly qualifies as a shock and aww, WTF moment.

By: Michael Wilson Jr.

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