Sooo… What About Joshua/Wilder?

Joshua vs Wilder and where it stands 

Hey boxing fans! Let me borrow your eyes for a couple of minutes. I know you’re all caught up in the how great or how hyped Lomachenko is talk right now but there’s a huge, like very huge, heavyweight unification fight that might be getting close to done or maybe not.

Yeah that’s right Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder may actually fight each other soon or maybe not. See here’s the thing, it all depends on who you want to believe or not believe really.

Last week Joshua himself said that a fight with Wilder was close to being worked out. Just working on the “finer details”, remember? Yeah thought you may.

What about that $50M offer? Is it legit? Well today Promoter Eddie Hearn said that Al Haymon has definitely satisfied his inquiries about the deal and it is most definitely legit.

Hearn said now it’s just a matter of Joshua deciding whether he wants to fight in Las Vegas – part of the $50M offer – or if he wants the bout to take place in the UK. For it to take place anywhere but Vegas would require team Joshua to make a counter offer soon, probably very soon if this fight has any chance of happening next.

This is where the maybe not comes in.

Earlier today Hearn met with boxer Alexander Povetkin’s team about a possible fight between the WBO & WBA mandatory and Joshua. Hearn didn’t reveal exactly what was discussed during the meeting but whatever it was left Povetkin’s team feeling good enough to say that a fight would take place in London “soon” between the two.

We’ve also verified that team Wilder is positioning themselves for a bout with Dominic Breazeale. It’s only natural really for both teams to have a fall back plan in place although I would caution both to carefully select opponents before they’re able to face each other. The heavyweight division is unlike any other in that most fighter’s are capable of stopping the other.

So which is it? Our sources told last week that a fight between Joshua and Wilder was close to being done and for the time being we really have no reason to doubt that.

That being said, let’s not forget guys all we’ve really got from both sides so far was posturing. What is a great sign though is that they’re involved in real negotiations and not some social media bantering like before……

By: Chris Henderson 

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