Katie Taylor: “I’m Going To Shut Up Everyone Who Criticized Me”

Katie Taylor Determined To Silence Critics In Her Rematch Against Persoon

Katie Taylor
Katie Taylor

Katie Taylor Determined To Silence Critics In Her Rematch Against Persoon

On June 1, 2019 at Madison Square Garden in New York City, undisputed Women’s World Lightweight champion Katie Taylor was given the fight of her life by Delfine Persoon. Taylor had her hand raised in victory, but many felt it was her opponent who deserved the win.

At the Matchroom Fight Camp in Brentwood, England on August 22, Taylor and Persoon will face-off in a highly-anticipated rematch. The women’s 135-pound queen is eager to not only prove she’s truly the superior fighter, but she also wants to shut up the critics in the process.


During a sit-down interview with Matchroom Boxing, the 34-year-old let loose on those who felt that she was given a gift decision against Persoon. Normally quiet and cool as a cucumber outside of the ring, Taylor spoke with real fire and emotion.

“I watched the fight back. Obviously, it was very close, which is why she deserves the rematch. But I couldn’t give her more than five rounds, honestly.

To hear people say the result was a disgrace or a robbery — that’s a disgrace in itself, really. I deserved to win the fight.

It was a close one, and I was disappointed with my performance on the night, but I wasn’t disappointed with the results. I felt like the right winner won. But because it was so great and so close, that’s why we’re having the rematch.”

Despite Taylor claiming not ever being surprised by the criticisms, it’s obvious the backlash she received following her first fight with Persoon stung. Now, she promises a completely different fight the second time around and has a message for her detractors.

“It was too close for my liking, so it’s been hanging over my head for the last year or so. I’m delighted it’s been nailed down again. I’m going to shut up all the doubters and shut up everyone who has criticized me over the last year.”

Their first fight was arguably the best women’s bout in 2019. And judging by Taylor’s words and emotions, their second-go-round could be just as good as their epic battle last year.

One thing’s for sure, the defending champ is hell-bent on bringing her A-game and looking to make a statement. If you’re a fan of women’s boxing, this fight is a can’t-miss.

By: Michael Wilson Jr

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