Katie Taylor: “This Isn’t A Time For Anyone To Take Your Foot Off The Gas”

Katie Taylor Still Focused On Amanda Serrano

Katie Taylor (left), Amanda Serrano
Katie Taylor (left), Amanda Serrano

Katie Taylor Still Focused On Amanda Serrano

In life, when we are presented with a dire circumstance, if one looks hard enough there is usually an opportunity to advance. And as the world has been put on an unwanted hiatus by COVID-19, undisputed lightweight champion Katie Taylor (15-0, 6 KO’s) is looking to improve.

Like so many in the boxing world, Taylor had her highly anticipated dust up with Amanda “The Real Deal” Serrano (38-1-1, 28 KO’s) pushed back from May 2 to July 4. Yet, rather than merely sit around bellyaching about the inconvenience of the matter, Taylor is choosing to sharpen her skills to one deadly edge.


After going live on Instagram, with Matchroom Promotions Eddie Hearn, a very jovial-spirited Katie Taylor spoke about her present demeanor and the state of the her current training.

“I have obviously been out here for the last few months training for May 2, but this is the time for me to work on a few things and this isn’t a time for anyone to take your foot off the gas. I think it’s going to pay off for the fighters who are desperate right now.”

“…you can turn this into a positive and actually try to work on a few things and when the boxing world does get back, I’m going to be one of the fighters who was disciplined and I’m going to be ready for whenever that fight date is.”


As is the case with all top level fighters, Taylor has the heartfelt desire to clearly show the separation between herself and Serrano. Yet, even with this being the case, there is no overt dislike or animosity shared between the two female combatants. So for Taylor, even though she foresees the Real Deal selling her share of woof tickets, she is content to keep her head down and train as per usual.

“I mean everything is pretty much the same for me, I go into every single fight with the same mind set. Nothing has changed there, I want to go in and produce the best performance I possibly can on fight night as well. I mean she obviously does an awful lot of talk and it’s kind the same coming up to this fight as well, but I don’t get involved with anything like that. I just focus on the actually training.”

Despite progressing as if it’s just another day in the office, Taylor does acknowledge that this will be the biggest fight of her professional career to date.

“This is definitely the best fighting the best, these are the fights that everyone wants to see so it’s a very, very exciting fight and not just women’s boxing, but boxing as a whole…it is a dangerous fight for both of us but it’s also a career changing fight for both of us as well. It’s absolutely huge and whoever wins this fight is going to be cemented as the number one pound-for-pound in women’s boxing.”

Hopefully, there will be no more delays and on July 4 we can all be treated to one devilishly good women’s championship prizefight!

By: Bakari Simpson

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