Team Garcia: “Ryan Is A Victim Of Supplement Contamination”

Team Garcia Searching for a Supplement Scapegoat

Ryan Garcia under heavy fire for failing B-sample testing
Ryan Garcia and team are searching for a contaminated supplement to blame (Getty Images)

Team Garcia Blames Contaminated Supplements for PED Flag

Top junior welterweight contender “King Ry” Ryan Garcia (25-1, 20KO) is under heavy scrutiny after the B-sample confirmed a failed test for a banned substance. In addition, his legal team now claims King Ry is a victim of cross-contamination from taking a natural supplement.

After winning the biggest fight of his career against WBC champion Devin Haney, Garcia tested positive for a Performance-Enhancing Drug called Ostarine. The Californian quickly took to social media, calling the claims false. For weeks he continued to troll on social media, standing firm on being innocent.

Boxing fans had to wait until the B-sample was tested, and it came back positive for the same drug. Members of the media have posted a statement from Garcia’s legal team in an attempt at damage control.


Some people will call for a rematch. Yet, Haney has indicated that won’t happen, insisting Garcia is a drug cheat. Now that his belief has been confirmed, there is no way the WBC champion will want anything more to do with his amateur rival.

Things will get even worse for Garcia as suspensions, fines, and public backlash will come down hard. Plus, his resume could come under fire as the victory over Haney will undoubtedly get overturned to a “No Contest”.

The discussion of his performance against Haney is going to be a hot topic within boxing circles. How much did he benefit from the banned substance? If he decides to continue boxing, Garcia must submit to a battery of tests to prove he is remaining clean.

Over the next few weeks, things could get as crazy for King Ry – much like his behavior leading up to the Haney fight.

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