Teraji: “I’m Cleared Of COVID, I’m Fighting Yabuki On September 22”

WBC World Junior Flyweight Action Returns To Action After Recovering From COVID-19

WBC junior flyweight champion Kenshiro Teraji poses with his title, mandatory challenger Masamichi Yabuki
Kenshiro Teraji (left), Masamichi Yabuki

WBC Junior Flyweight Champ Kenshiro Teraji Returns To Action After Recovering From COVID-19

3KingsBoxing reported on August 26 that the September 10 contest between WBC world junior flyweight champion Kenshiro Teraji (17-0, 10 KO’s) and the mandatory challenger, Masamichi Yabuki (12-3, 11 KOs), was postponed. This was due to Teraji testing positive for COVID-19. At that time, the champ was in quarantine at his home in Japan under medical order. The hope was he would be able to return to the ring soon.

Here’s an update. Teraji has fully recovered, and the fight has been rescheduled. To the surprise of some, he will now face Yabuki on September 22 at the City Gym in Kyoto, Japan.


The defending champion tested positive for the virus on August 25. After testing negative for the virus on September 3, he was given the okay to resume training. Following a subsequent CT scan at the Makita General hospital that came back clear, promoters went to work rescheduling the bout. Speaking to Japanese news source BoxingMobile, the 29-year-old explained the ordeal.

“We apologize for the inconvenience and concern that I have caused. Thanks to you, we finished our home care period on September 3, and just in case, we have a detailed examination at the hospital today.

After receiving it, I was able to confirm that everything was normal and there were no problems. As a result of consulting with promoter Yamashita and all the people concerned, I would like to have the world title match that was postponed as soon as possible. We will be playing the match on the 22nd of September.

Thank you very much. We will do our best to fight on that day and show you a wonderful fight. Thank you.”

Yabuki said his main concern is taking all precautions to avoid catching the virus and staying healthy until the night of the fight. The mandatory challenger declared he will be ready.


That the fight is now happening less than two weeks after the original date is quite the turnaround. However, some may ask, is Teraji coming back too soon? It’s startling that the fighter nicknamed “The Amazing Boy” has recovered so quickly. The champ’s recuperative powers from this virus are seemingly just as strong as his ability to recuperate from a punch to the chin.

By: Michael Wilson Jr.

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