Lightweight Chann Thonson Wipes Out Tyler Tomlin In 4!

Thonson Thrashes Tomlin in Four!

Chann Thonson flexes at weigh-in for fight with Tyler Tomlin
Chann Thonson

Chann Thonson Gets Past Tyler Tomlin in Four Rounds!

In a battle of lightweights, pugilists Tyler “Short Fuse” Tomlin (13-1, 9 KO’s) and Chann Thonson (11-0, 8 KO’s) squared off under the hot lights of the Turning Stone Resort & Casino. Heading into 2022, Tomlin was most ambitious in his goal to stage eight fights on the year. Given that we are at the half-way mark and this is only his second bout, it seems unlikely that he will achieve that objective.

Although, it will be interesting to see how Tomlin performs overall as a lightweight. This duel versus Thonson will be the six-time Golden Glove champion’s third consecutive fight in the division despite debuting as a welterweight then fighting the next several bouts as a super lightweight. In fact, just three fights ago, versus Tyrone Luckey on May 14, 2021, Short Fuse competed as a welterweight.

As for Canadian boxer Chann Thonson, he was looking to remain undefeated and flawless in America. Barring the two fights in the States, and two in Columbia, Thonson has staged all his pro fights in his native Canada. Yet, on paper, Short Fuse was by far the Canadian stiffest competition in the US.


The bout opened with Tomlin pursuing Thonson around the ring with his consistent and pesky jab. Few punches of actual merit connected for either fighter but Thonson did land a solid hook in the closing moments of the period. The action heated up a great deal in the second. Thonson was still mobile but he stood his ground and returned fire with a much greater frequency. Tomlin displayed the greater variety of punches and dedicated himself to the body.

There was a major shift in the third as Thonson started getting excellent traction with both his right and left hooks. The Canadian kept those two shots buried deeper in Tomlin’s chin than the tip of a gravedigger’s shovel. In the closing moments, it appeared that Tomlin was notably buzzed. Short Fuse was aggressive and had a better fourth, but he still ate the better shots rather than deliver them. Even worse, he was now steadily bleeding from the nose and his left eye was starting to deteriorate.

After eating a hard hook and uppercut, both thrown with the right hand, Mark Nelson took Tomlin to the corner to be inspected by the ring doctor. Considering he was bleeding from numerous places and apparently didn’t respond well to the tests, the bout was quickly called off. This was a crippling loss for Tomlin who was trying to stage a memorable performance on a big stage. Instead all that thunder and glory will now fall upon Thonson’s shoulders.

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