Mark Tibbs on Dillian Whyte Situation: “The Truth Will Come Out!”

Dillian Whyte Is Feeling Down

Mark Tibbs and Dillian Whyte
Mark Tibbs (left) and Dillian Whyte (right).

Dillian Whyte Is Feeling Down!

We are now approaching the two-month mark since Dillian “The Body Snatcher” Whyte was busted by UKAD for his adverse drug finding.

This revelation, along with the secret meeting that came to light, blossomed into full-blown controversy upon becoming a public matter. Due to the high profile nature of the affair, many foresaw a swift outcome.

However, time has proven nothing could have been further from the truth.

In these near two months, neither UKAD, the BBBofC nor Whyte have broken their silence. Nothing has been clarified, truly denied or inched an iota forward since it all initially hit the fan. One can only wonder what is taking so long.

Although, the longer the matter lingers unresolved, the more the principle players appear guilty and shady.

If Whyte is guilt-free, why is it taking this long to declare it? Clearly, the BBBofC felt confident enough to allow the Body Snatcher fight on July 20.

So, why do we still not know what they knew, now that it’s September? For boxing fans it’s just about getting answers to questions. On the other hand, Dillian Whyte has much more to deal with.


As the oddball situation needlessly drags out, its Whyte who looks guilty by all known evidence. His team keeps urging the public to wait for further details. However, they are left waiting endlessly for these supposed vindicating facts.

According to his trainer, Mark Tibbs, this unforeseen limbo is weighing on Whyte heavily.

“He won’t ever give up, but rightly so. I’ve never seen him being so down and he’s really down with the accusations etcetera.

“But he’s up and down, you know what I mean? He’s up and down. He’s been through a lot, you know what I mean? This ain’t going to beat him, he ain’t going nowhere.”

Oddly enough, when the doping scandal first went viral, it came out that Tibbs himself was left in the dark regarding the failed drug test and the secret meeting. Despite being cut out of Whyte’s intimate circle of information, the loyal chief second maintains his belief that Whyte is in the clear.

Even though Tibbs was sealed away from the initial actions, charges and trial, he assures that his fighter is clean and will be exonerated.

Ultimately, just like Tibbs and Whyte, we are all just playing the waiting game to see what happens with the Body Snatcher’s future career. Let alone to finally hear what happened going into that now fateful July 2o prizefight with Oscar Rivas.

“It is heartbreaking to tell the truth. It’s not very nice. But listen, it’s all building. We’ve all been through bits and pieces of ourselves as young men and young kids and he’s not on his own.

“[…] It’s not nice what every Tom, Dick and Harry is saying, it’s not nice at all, but you know, the truth will come out.”

By: Bakari Simpson

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