Bradley Counters Ryan Garcia: “Make The Weight; Do Your Job!”

Bradley Fact Checks Garcia About Quitting Commentary

Timothy Bradley looks defiantly at Ryan Garcia
Timothy Bradley fires back at Ryan Garcia (staceymsnyder)

Bradley Slaps Down Garcia For Telling Him to Quit Commentating

Hall of Fame Inductee Timothy Bradley Jr. has become the focus of fan attacks following “King Ry” Ryan Garcia’s upset victory. In addition, Bradley took to social media to address those calling for him to quit being a boxing analyst.

Garcia’s upset victory over WBC junior welterweight champion Devin Haney is still a hot topic throughout boxing. Given King Ry’s antics and extremely bizarre behavior, Bradley confidently picked the WBC champion to win the contest.

Yet, the Hall of Fame Inductee took things further by claiming he would quit working as a boxing commentator.

Of course, King Ry remembered that statement and publicly called for Bradley’s resignation.


The former-boxer-turned-analyst spoke to Sean Zittel and used a loophole to explain his statement while attacking Garcia for not making weight.

“I think I said, ‘I might as well’. Do you understand language? ‘I might as well’, that doesn’t say, ‘I will. I will retire’, it’s a difference. Ryan, you talking about me – go to the fight and make the weight. Make the weight, bro! Do your job, and behave like a professional at the end of the damn day.”

“I see how he moves, and I don’t have to like it.”

Timothy Bradley Jr.

In Bradley’s defense, there is a difference in the two phrases; One makes it final, and the other means to take it under consideration.

So, it’s safe to say that boxing fans will continue to see the outspoken analyst commentating about boxing. However, if boxing fans are going all in on Bradley, then a lot of people should come under similar scrutiny.

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