WBC President: “We Will Never Allow Women To Fight Three-Minute Rounds”

Amanda Serrano vs Danila Ramos No Longer an Undisputed Fight

WBC president Sulaiman refuses to sanction Amanda Serrano vs Danila Ramos
WBC president Sulaiman refuses to sanction Amanda Serrano vs Danila Ramos | credit: Getty Images, Melina Pizano/Matchroom

WBC Refuses to Sanction Serrano vs Ramos Title Fight

On October 27, undisputed women’s featherweight champion Amanda Serrano will step into the ring against mandatory challenger Danila Ramos in Orlando, Florida. Serrano versus Ramos is set for twelve three-minute rounds. But the WBC 126-pound title will not be on the line as the sanctioning bodies president, Mauricio Sulaiman, has refused to sanction the upcoming contest.


The reason behind the WBC’s decision is that they will not allow women to fight three-minute rounds. WBC president Sulaiman explained their decision during an appearance on the Boxing with Chris Mannix Podcast.

“The WBC has done thorough research, and at this point, unless there is absolute medical scientific clearance, we will never allow women to fight three-minute rounds.

This is medical and scientific. But, if we go into the facts and reality, why would you change if women’s boxing is so exciting and it’s so great at two minutes? It’s a different pace.

Everybody loves to see women’s boxing, and I’m certain that the two minutes have a lot to do with it. You don’t need three minutes to knock somebody out. The rationale is medical.”


There are those in the boxing community who will push back against Sulaiman’s comments and site medical experts who believe it’s safe for women to fight three-minute rounds. The WBC President said he’s willing to look at other medical opinions that offer a counter-argument.

But so far, nothing has been presented to change their position. For Sulaiman, it’s a basic physiological difference between men and women.

“The neck area has a different structure. The menstrual period brings a very different situation into the hormones and the women when they’re going through that process. The ratio of concussions is much higher for women than men.

We will not be in a popularity contest. Many times, we have to protect boxers from themselves . . . We have to protect them and put the rules in for their protection.”

Many female fighters and boxing enthusiasts argue that for world title fights, women should be allowed to fight at the same amount of rounds and distance as men. There’s been a visceral reaction to the WBC’s decision on social media and boxing message boards.

Some agree with Sulaiman. Others believe that the WBC is being short-sighted and stepping in the way of progress. The debate as to whether women should be allowed to fight three-minute rounds will continue for the foreseeable future.

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