Andrew Tabiti Has Been M.I.A Since Dorticos Loss

Where is Andrew Tabiti?

Cruiserweight fighter Andrew Tabiti
Andrew Tabiti

Where is Andrew Tabiti?

Boxing is a tough sport. If you are not mentally tough, one defeat can end your career. Several fighters have found it hard to come back from a devastating loss. Thus, explaining what has happened to cruiserweight fighter Andrew “The Beast” Tabiti (17-1, 13ko).

The Beast was on a tear in boxing, demolishing the first ten opponents by a vicious knockout. His career was guided by famous trainer Floyd Mayweather Sr. under the Mayweather promotional banner. Moreover, some inside the boxing community were already viewing him as a future champion.

He derailed the careers of other undefeated prospects such as Keith Tapia and Quantis Graves and won the NABF cruiserweight title in the process. In 2017, the hard-punching Chicago native took on the toughest test of his career in fighting two-time champion Steve “USS” Cunningham. Tabiti put on an excellent performance against the two-time champion. The win signaled that it was time to go for a world championship.


In 2018, the aforementioned fighter entered the famous World Boxing Super Series tournament. He was tested in the first round of the tournament by then undefeated Ruslan Fayfer, before advancing to the semi-finals, fighting for the vacant IBF title. The dream was within arms’ reach. The thing only he needed to do was defeat former WBA champion Yuniel “The KO Doctor” Dorticos (24-2, 22ko).

This was going to be a test of wills between two of the hardest punchers in the division. After ten rounds of action, the Beast had tasted defeat for the first time by a brutal knockout.

As previously stated in the beginning, a devastating loss has serious mental effects on an undefeated fighter. Hence, Tabiti has not been in the ring since that day back on June 15, 2019. However, he did surface for a quick second in 2020, saying he wanted a rematch with Dorticos before moving up to heavyweight.

As of this writing, Tabiti has not been scheduled to return to the ring. Hopefully, sometime this year, he will make a return after being gone for so long.

By: Garrisson Bland

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