Wilder: “Enjoy Now Because I Ain’t Going to be Here Too Long!”

Deontay Wilder Talks Retirement and Future Plans!

Deontay Wilder
Deontay Wilder

Deontay Wilder Talks passion and retirement.

These days, WBC heavyweight champion Deontay “Bronze Bomber” Wilder is riding high. To start, he is the longest reigning champion in the division. Additionally, he is highly sought after and his last fight ended in a vicious knockout that instantly went viral.

At the moment, his next two bouts against Luis Ortiz and Tyson Fury, have high exceptions. Both of these assignments are rematches. Wilder penned the fights because he wants to clear up any lingering controversy surrounding the premiere prizefights.


For some length of time, there was an on-going debate as to who the king of the division truly is. The two names that came up most frequently were Wilder and Anthony Joshua. A bit later, after he returned to the sport, Fury had his name tossed in the hat.

However, with Joshua’s loss to Andy Ruiz Jr, AJ finds himself in a must-win situation just to remain relevant. Aside from him, Wilder is confident that he will prove his dominance over Fury by knocking him out in a rematch.

Given his current beneficial position in the sport, the champ has had the occasion to leisurely contemplate his overall future. He has no plans on leave this year or next. Although, the Bronze Bomber certainly has a departure plan in mind.

“[…]So, with that being said, we are managing my money right. It could be short. I’d say seven to ten years and it could be shorter than that […] I could be retiring in my late thirties, I might be retired by the time I’m forty, who knows.”


Holding the label of the most fearsome and destructive puncher in the entire sport, Wilder is no stranger to the hardships and dangers of boxing. This is why the Bronze Bomber made it his business to create a sound exit strategy. Toiling through difficult and physically taxing training camps past his physical prime is not a fate that the Alabaman pugilist wants to be banished to.

So, not only does he think proper money management is key, Wilder is also lining up opportunities to bolster another one of his burning passions.

“You know, I’m passionate about acting and that’s what I do. I’m an actor as well too, you know. I’m just coming from Hawaii guest starring in a major TV show, as well as, another major TV show in ‘Billions’ on SHOWTIME. So, I’ve started my acting career off and I’m looking forward to all the endeavors in that, you know? I’d rather act like I’m getting hit then to get hit!

“I just want people to love me now, give me my roses now because once I accomplish what I do, I’m going to defend the titles for a few times, you know, and I’ma be outta here. Deontay Wilder will no longer be. I will retire right! I will retire on top and I will retire happy.

“So enjoy now baby because I ain’t going to be here too, too long.”

Only time will tell if Wilder is as big a hit in the box office as he is in the boxing ring. Either way, it should be a fun ride to watch as the Bronze Bomber’s fledgling acting career continues to blossom.

By: Bakari Simpson

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