Austin Williams Destroys Esau Herrera!

Williams v Herrera

Austin "Ammo" Williams
Austin "Ammo" Williams

Williams v Herrera

On the undercard of Estrada v Cuadras, the destructive middleweight prospect Austin “Ammo” Williams (6-0, 5 KO’s) picked up his fifth knockout victory. This time, the unfortunate victim was Esau Herrera (19-12-1, 8 KO’s). Ammo was the ring boss from the clang of the opening bell. Beginning in the first round, Williams began digging in with nasty body shots.


Sadly, Herrera began getting somewhat pitiful early in the second. Following a hard right to the belt line, the Mexican turned his back and essentially called his own time out. The ref did not seem to have a problem with it until Herrera did and then gave Williams a soft warning. Before the end of the period, Herrera would complain to the ref a few more times.

Almost comically, the Mexican born fighter would then try to instruct Williams directly as to where to punch. Obviously, the body work was bothering his foe, but Ammo did not skimp on the head shots. In particular, he was connecting with beautiful uppercuts and sharp hooks. The one sided back alley beating continued until the fifth.

Ironically, this was the period that Herrera scored, by far, his best punches of the night. They came in the form of a pair of over hand rights. Yet, after all the destruction that Williams caused Herrera’s rib cage, it was a sharp, short left uppercut that ushered in his undoing. After landing the pinpoint blow, Herrera’s knees buckled but he remained on his feet.

After swaying like a Saturday night drunk at final call, Ammo was able to easily push his wounded foe to the ropes and unloaded unanswered shots. The fight was finally halted by the ref following one final crunching hook to the head. Despite all the whining and complaining that he did throughout the fight, Herrera does deserve a boat load of credit for soldiering on and not looking for a way out.

By: Bakari Simpson

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