Adrien Broner Not Playing With Cobbs: “I’m Really Coming To Die!”

Has Blair Cobbs Broken Broner Mentally?

Adrien Broner goes off on Blair Cobbs
Adrien Broner gets serious with Blair Cobbs (credit: Imagn)

Adrien Broner Gets Deadly Serious at Blair Cobbs Presser!

Throughout the build-up to their June 7 prizefight, there has been a healthy amount of respect between welterweights Blair “The Flair” Cobbs (16-1-1, 10 KO’s) and Adrien “The Problem” Broner (35-4-1, 24 KO’s). Yet, that all went out the window at the final presser! After arriving notably late to the event, Broner was clearly agitated and deeply steeped in a vile mood. This was readily evident by his coarse tone and very violent threats.

“I’m coming to die if I got to, so I don’t know what this nigga is willing to do but I’m willing to take it that far. And I am dead serious! I know that I play a lot but I am really coming to die in there bro. So if you not willing to die, I mean I don’t want to hear all that talking shit, all that playing and jokes. I am not playing!”

“[…] Don’t play no games because my niggas got guns with them and I am dead serious and all I got to do is point and they going to blow! And I am dead serious bro, and me and my nigga done already beat bodies and they still looking for me and every charge been acquitted so don’t come up here playing, don’t make no false moves. I’m not playing, I will slap the shit out of you . . . we going to promote the fight, just be respectful, don’t do no dumb shit and I’m dead serious – a muh’fucka will shoot you in your shit!”


Considering that it is fight week, there is a great possibility that the rigors of making weight, and simply wanting to fight, has Broner on edge. That could very realistically explain where this crude tirade originated. On the other hand, it could very well be the truth that The Flair has gotten under Broner’s skin. If that is indeed the case this could spell trouble for the four division champion.

Under normal circumstances, The Problem is generally the bigger personality and class clowns in the build-up to his matches. This time however, Broner has run into a bigger character than himself. As evidence of this Cobbs has now brought an AB puppet to the stage twice and proceeded to mock him at length. This was added on top of his typical WWE shtick that he loves to adhere to at these types of events.


If Cobbs has legitimately gotten under Broner’s skin, obviously that could work in The Flair’s favor. Provided that The Problem is so miffed about Cobbs’ antics there is a chance that he goes after The Flair in an over-aggressive and ineffective manner. Obviously this could be of great benefit to Cobbs. On the other hand, The Flair could have just poked a sleeping bear.

When it comes to Broner and his losing efforts, the biggest knock against him is the fact that he doesn’t let his hands go enough. Therefore, if the Cincinnati native is earnestly looking for blood in the ring, he may emerge from his corner an offensive dynamo. In this scenario, Cobbs may very well have his hands full on June 7. Luckily, the match, and the ultimate outcome, is just around the corner!

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