Santillan Upsets Alexis Rocha; Fundora Wins IBF Championship!

Alexis Rocha vs Giovanni Santillan Card Results

Alexis Rocha vs Giovanni Santillan card winners
Alexis Rocha vs Giovanni Santillan card winners

Giovanni Santillan Leads Trio Of Stoppages By Fundora & Ramirez

To open their bout, welterweight fighter Giovanni “Gallo De Oro” Santillan (32-0, 17 KO’s) tore into Alexis “Lex” Rocha (23-2, 15 KO’s) with a concentrated and bruising attack. By the end of the first, Rocha’s nose was busted and his bell had been sufficiently rung. Rocha was firing back and provided commendable offense, but the volume and ferocity was clearly on Santillan’s side. This temperature persisted through the third round.

After seeming to find some equilibrium in the fourth, Lex was dropped twice at the top and bottom of the fifth. On each occasion, Rocha made it to his feet looking ragged as a police dog’s barbecue flavored chew toy. Despite his depleted energy reserves, Lex bravely made it to the conclusion of the round. Unsurprisingly though, Gallo De Oro resumed carpet bombing Rocha with short, chopping hooks and distressing shots to the gut in the sixth.

Then in the sixth however, a bloodied and bullied Rocha absorbed all the punishment that he would be allowed to sustain. After another rattling volley of blows sat the seat of his pants on the canvas for the third time, referee Ray Corona called a halt to the action. With the win, the significant underdog Santillan retained his undefeated record. While he did not call anyone out, Gallo De Oro vowed to have a very big 2024.


To open the bout, IBF flyweight champion Arely “Ametralladora” Mucino (32-4-2, 11 KO’s) went straight after challenger Gabriela “Sweet Poison” Fundora (12-0, 5 KO’s) with wild, winging shots. Initially, Fundora got on her back foot and sought to find her range. It was a short hunt. By the end of the first, Sweet Poison was falling into a groove and seemingly hurt Mucino with a right uppercut to the belly.

Over the next couple of rounds, Fundora circled and stalked the champion from range and utilized her staggering length advantage to pot shot at will. To her credit, Ametralladora took the punishment well up until the fifth. It was there that Fundora nailed her with one too many clean one-two combinations on the button which resulted in Mucino going down on all fours. When she made it to her feet, she swayed and aggressively toddled into the corner like a soft-kneed geriatric in a bouncy house. Despite her wobbly ways, referee Jack Reiss let her soldier on.

After about another twenty seconds of being hammered with straight lefts and looping hooks, Mucino went sailing into the ropes. Considering the ropes were the only thing that kept her up, referee Jack Reiss began administering an eight count. His function was cut short though, when Mucino’s corner threw in the towel, awarding Fundora the victory and crowning her as the new IBF flyweight champion.


Super flyweight fighter John “Scrappy” Ramirez (13-0 9 KO’s) enjoyed a great deal of success versus Ronal Batista (15-4, 9 KO’s), set up behind his jab, in a responsible and accurate first round. Scrappy followed up this controlled round with a vicious second period where he clobbered Batista with heavy hooks, sharp uppercuts and thumping body shots for the majority of the three minutes.

The barbarism continued in the third and was rewarded with a puncturing left hook to the ribs that sank Batista to one knee. Batista would make it to his feet, although significantly impaired by the fistic damage, and continue on. His effort was for naught though as Scrappy predictably pounced on him and dissolved him as quick as cotton candy in alien blood.

Caught in a corner, Batista was battered to his back where referee Jack Reiss immediately waved off the contest. With the victory, Ramirez remains undefeated and wins the WBA super flyweight WBA title eliminator. In his post-fight interview, Ramirez forcefully called out WBA super flyweight champion Kazuto Ioka.

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