Alvarez Reinstated as Number 1 by WBC

Alvarez back at top of the rankings

The WBC has officially reinstated Saul “Canelo” Alvarez into the number one position in their rankings. Alvarez was reinstated into the rankings after he agreed to enrolled in VADA for a year. He was suspended by Nevada State Athletic Commission for 6 months after failing multiple drug test for the ban substance Clenbuterol.

Alvarez tested positive for the banned substance on two separate occasions back in February. He then withdrew from his Cinco De Mayo clash with Gennady Golovkin, as a suspension was imminent. The NSAC called for a hearing and at the hearing he received the standard punishment which is a one year suspension retroactive to the first failed drug test on February 17th.

The one year suspension was reduced to six months as Alvarez was cooperative with the investigation. Clenbuterol is a banned substance that helps an athlete cut weight while keeping muscle mass, it’s also found in tainted meat. Alvarez claimed to have had tainted meat in Mexico and that was the cause for the failed test.

He also gave hair samples to be tested that came back negative for Clenbuterol. Alvarez then chose not to enroll in the WBC drug clean program, which caused the sanctioning body to remove him from the rankings. At the time the WBC stated he would be reinstated when he signs up for a bout, a move that caused some public backlash as many felt he should be tested all year long.

Alvarez chose to enrolled in the drug clean program which is why he has been reinstated into the rankings, even while on suspension. The WBC has publicly supported Alvarez throughout this whole ordeal. They simply have stated that he has done everything asked of him since the failed tests.

Alvarez is slated to return to the ring in September, it was supposed to be the rematch with Gennady Golovkin. However, negotiations have stalled as Golovkin is steadfast on wanting to get an even split of the fight purse. A move that Alvarez and his team feel Golovkin is overplaying his hand. They have been rumored to be in talks with Daniel Jacobs as well.

Regardless of who the opponent is going to be Alvarez is the number one ranked opponent to Golovkin’s title. The WBC has stated if Golovkin does not fight Alvarez then they will mandate Golovkin to face Jermall Charlo. Who will Alvarez meet in the ring, soon we will know!

By: Wilson Urena