Ammo Williams On Anthony Fowler: “I Want To End His Career!”

Ammo Williams Wants Anthony Fowler Next!

Austin Williams (left), Anthony Fowler
Austin Williams (left), Anthony Fowler

Ammo Williams Wants Anthony Fowler Next!

When Matchroom Boxing middleweight prospect Austin “Ammo” Williams (5-0, 4 KO’s) uploaded a recent sparring video to his InstaGram, he was little prepared for the vitriolic response. Having posted videos similar to the one in question, Ammo didn’t think that it was going to be that big a deal. After taking a step back however, Williams can understand those ill-feelings toward the one-sided footage and will make an effort not to ruffle anymore feathers in this manner.

Williams was also somewhat surprised by fellow boxers who took the time to kick dirt on his name. Out of all those that he saw talking, the one that appears to have peeved Williams the most is UK super welterweight Anthony Fowler (12-1, 9 KO’s).

Once seen, Fowler, who is ranked #14 by the WBO and WBA, took to social media to post his own two-cents on the matter. When he did so, he labeled Williams as both a bully and a shithouse. Obviously, Ammo did not take kindly to the slanderous words.


Now that Williams has had the chance to address the public and make amends for his video blunder, he has turned his attention to Fowler. Irritated by his comment, and unimpressed with his skills, Williams would love to get his hands on the UK boxer as soon as possible. As he shared with iFL TV, Williams doesn’t believe that Fowler has anything that he can’t handle with ease.

“I’m ready to fight Anthony Fowler now! I am ready to beat him now! I’ve always been on the fast track, I was the number one amateur in the United States when I was only boxing for one year and six months. Open elite, not youth, not novice or anything like that, USA Boxing number one in the world at one year and six months and that’s because I thrive off taking risks.”

“I thrive in fights that I am not supposed to win in the eyes of the public. I thrive off things like that and I never let myself down. So a fight with Anthony Fowler will actually put me back on the same track I was on in my amateur.”


Yet, more than looking to use Fowler as tactic to advance his career, Williams has truly maniacal intentions for the UK boxer.

“Anthony Fowler, I am gunning for him. I want to knock him out cold, end his career. I just want to terrorize him, I want to destroy him in the ring and treat him brutally in the ring because I have no respect for him. I don’t like him, he has no class as a human being and when I fight him, it’s definitely going to be more than I just want to take a belt from you. I really want to hurt that guy!”

Given the intensity of these two fighters’ discord, as fight fans, let’s hope that we can see them settle their beef in the ring sooner rather than later.

By: Bakari Simpson

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