Staff Chat: Did Pacquiao Look Young Or Was Matthysse Just Old?

Manny Pacquioa Defeats Lucas Matthysse in 7
Manny Pacquiao Defeats Lucas Matthysse in 7

Staff members of weigh-in on Manny Pacquiao’s performance against Lucas Matthysse.

The narrative around the boxing world after Manny Pacquiao dismantled Lucas Matthysse in 7 rounds is “Pacquiao is Back??” Are people jumping the gun a bit or is he still a major problem for fighters like Crawford, Spence and Thurman?

Writers Cessell Robinson, Corey Cunningham and Garrisson “Bo” Bland give their take on the performance of Manny Pacquiao.

Cessell Robinson:

“Any thoughts, outside of the article we put out on Pacquiao’s performance Saturday?
Was that “vintage Pacquiao”? Smoke and Mirrors? Over the hill Lucas Matthysse?”

Corey Cunningham:

“A little of each.”

Cessell Robinson:

“ Vintage Pacquiao, seems to be the sentiment the media is running with. Right now it’s too early for me to conclude that Pacquiao can do the same to the other elite welterweights. I don’t wholeheartedly disagree that it could’ve been some of everything, but Matthysse from a technical standpoint was so out of position and lacked in so many key areas. I think anyone [some contenders and champions at welterweight] could have done that to him.”

Corey Cunningham:

“Here’s my thoughts. I’m probably more controversial. Pacquiao has always looked good against guys with slow feet. The other thing is Pacquiao has had more time getting acclimated at welterweight than Matthysse. Plus Matthysse is an old 36 and never really was as gifted as a Pacquiao in his prime.”

Cessell Robinson:

“I totally agree with that. This was Lucas’ third fight at welterweight I believe. Lucas looked worse in a victory over Tewa Kiram than Manny did in a lost to Jeff Horn.”

Corey Cunningham:

“Exactly. I was more surprised he stopped Lucas, not that he beat him. He hadn’t had a stoppage in so long I believe a little extra is being thrown in on the win.”

Garrisson Bland:

“Another reality is Lucas has shown a few times that if it gets hard he will check out mentally (e.g. against Danny Garcia and Viktor Postol). That was one of the reasons why I felt Pac would beat him.”

Corey Cunningham:

“I agree!”

Was Manny Pacquiao’s win over Matthysse a revelation that he can still compete with any of the top guys at welterweight at the age of 39? Has “the Jeff Horn loss was a robbery” sentiment been vindicated?

Many have adopted the belief that a rematch with Floyd Mayweather will look completely different now. However one may feel, one thing is for certain, Pacquiao looked great against Matthysse.

From: 3Kings Boxing Staff