Andres Ruiz: “Team Wilder Is Not Offering Enough To Fight Andy”

Andy Ruiz Wants a Better Shake Before Signing to Face Wilder

Andy Ruiz requires more money to face Deontay Wilder
Andy Ruiz (L, Getty Images), Deontay Wilder

Andres Ruiz Says The Money Isn’t Right for Deontay Wilder vs Andy Ruiz

The back-and-forth exchange between heavyweights Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder (43-2-1, 42 KO’s) and Andy “The Destroyer” Ruiz (35-2, 22 KO’s) has another chapter. After recently saying that Ruiz was avoiding him, The Destroyer’s father, Andres Ruiz, has stepped up to say that Wilder is not telling the truth. The elder Ruiz did this in a recent interview with Izquierdazo.

“What happens is that Wilder is a liar. He and his coach [Malik Scott] started talking, then they want Andy to accept a ridiculous amount, but Andy is not just any boxer; Andy is a world champion. The first [heavyweight] Mexican champion in history. He was a champion, he made history, now they are not champions, both.”

“Wilder wants to offer 30%. It’s not good money because I’ll tell you something, they were offering us almost the same amount of what he makes with King Kong [Ortiz]. How is he going to make the same amount with Wilder as with King Kong? Andy and Wilder are going to fill the stadium. They are going to sell PPV like crazy because everyone wants to see that fight. So it is not a fight [because] they are [not] offering just enough.”


On the one hand, Andres Ruiz is correct in that they are both former world champions. Their reigns however, could not be more different. Wilder would capture the WBC title, then go on to make a historic ten defenses before losing to Tyson Fury. Outside of Fury, who he shares a draw with, Wilder stopped all his other opposition during his time as champion.

When Ruiz became a unified champion, he was blinded by the spotlight and immediately got into horrible shape. As a result, he gave the belts back to Joshua in his first title defense. Since, he has yet to show the form and promise that he did before losing the belts. Regardless, Wilder and Ruiz remain as two big names in the division and would make for a fan-friendly showdown. So, for the sake of boxing junkies, let’s hope that these two camps can find middle ground.

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