Andrew Moloney Driven From Boxing By Pedro Guevara Loss!

Andrew Moloney vs Pedro Guevara Fight Recap

Pedro Guevara delivers Andrew Moloney a loss
Andrew Moloney retires after losing to Pedro Guevara

Andrew Moloney Suffers Unacceptable Loss to Pedro Guevara

In his latest at bat, Australian junior bantamweight fighter Andrew Moloney (26-4, 16 KO’s) lost to Pedro Guevara (42-4-1, 22 KO’s) by way of split decision in his own backyard. Due to the loss, his second in his last three fights, Moloney was not able to collect the WBC interim 115-pound title that was up for grabs.

To his credit, Moloney, along with Guevara, waged a spirited, high-volume standoff from the first round. Neither man was hard to find as both of them remained bouncing in the other’s face while throwing a lot of leather. In the earlier rounds, a fresh Moloney was able to have a great deal of success picking his shots and probing with the jab. Meanwhile, his opponent, Jibran Pedrin, had dedicated himself to a thumping body attack.

Entering the midway portion of the battle, it appeared that the body shots were taking the steam off Moloney’s sails. Down the stretch, the two maintained their brisk pace, yet Guevara’s offensive was increasingly more notable. There was never a point where Moloney was truly rocked but it seemed apparent that he was wilting.

When the scorecards were read, the Australian dropped a split decision loss to the tune of 115-113 (twice) and 116-113 (Moloney). In the post-fight interview, Moloney would abruptly announce his retirement.

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