Andy Ruiz: “I Want To Be Lean And Improve My Ability Going Forward”

Andy Ruiz focused on his future and health

Andy Ruiz
Andy Ruiz

Andy Ruiz focused on his future and health

When Andy “Destroyer” Ruiz (33-2, 22 KO’s) won the heavyweight world championship, it went against all odds. Honestly speaking, he was never even supposed to be in the ring with WBA, WBO and IBF World Heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua. The only reason that he was gifted the opportunity was because Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller flubbed his shot at the big time. Regardless of how he got there, once in the ring with Joshua, Ruiz proved to be quite a problem. Seven rounds, four knock downs and one knockout later, Destroyer was an overnight success and living on top of the world.

Unfortunately for Ruiz, that tremendous tidal wave of success, attention, money and accolades was far more than he could handle. Surrounded by sycophants and dripping with all the best that money could buy, Ruiz quickly lost his focus. In the immediate rematch with Joshua, his gross lack of dedication manifested itself in his lackluster performance and extreme weight gain.

If nothing more than a moral victory, Destroyer can at least say that he was not knocked out in the rematch. He was soundly defeated however, stripped of his belts and now was the laughing stock of the boxing world. With the slimy taste of his violent reversal of fortune still very present in his mouth, Ruiz has slowly rebuilt his camp, mindset and body. Now he is ready to show the world the best he has to offer.


On May 5, Ruiz will return to the ring to face the challenge of Chris “The Nightmare” Arreola (38-6-1, 33 KO’s). The two will serve as the main event of a pay-per-view vehicle. Why this event is pay-per-view is anyone’s guess. Both men are coming off losses and neither has been in the win column since 2019. The only logical rationale is this is a showcase of the “new and improved” Andy Ruiz. Yet until we see that in the ring, there is no guarantee that he will perform up to snuff. With that being said, paying to see a slimmer Ruiz does not in any way seem like a treat or incentive for boxing fans.

Outside of his physical appearance, the biggest renovation that Ruiz has undergone is the total restructuring of his camp. He is no longer with his long-time trainer Manny Robles. Instead, he has realigned himself with Eddy Reynoso, the famed trainer of boxing cash cow Saul “Canelo” Alvarez. This specific alteration is what Destroyer believes has led to his most dynamic transformation.

“The first thing that Eddy told me was, “look Andy, we know what you got and we know that you have potential but if you’re going to come over here, I am going to need you to be disciplined. I need you to give me 110%, I need you to work your ass off!’ And I told him, ‘you know what Eddy, I’ll do whatever it is man, I’ll do whatever it takes!’ And what do you know? I started training hard, I’m doing the things that he wanted me to do and what do you know, we’re here now.”


Yet at the end the day, Ruiz understands that boxing is not a beauty contest. When he and Arreola step in the ring, it will not be to model boxing trunks or swim gear. Said to say, Destroyer is pleased with his metamorphosis but he understands the true test is about skills.

[speaking on his improved physique] “It doesn’t mean I am going to be a better fighter or anything. I just got to do what makes me feel better and you know my arsenal is going to be my weapon. But the ability that I have right now and what I could have from this fight and on to the next fight, it’s only going to get better.”

Even with that said though, if given his way, Ruiz would like to continue chiseling on his weight as he continues with his career.

“I’m at 257, but I am not where I want to be at but I am way better than I was before. But I want to be at like 235 pounds, 235, 240 pounds but strong. You know I want to be lean and for me to get there I got to stay consistent. I got to stay disciplined, I got to keep working hard.

You know before I used to train when I had a fight coming. So Canelo has been telling me that I have to be training even when I don’t have a fight, you know. I got to be training like if I have a fight. We gotta train so we don’t have to get ready, so I just have to stay busy and focus on what they’ve been telling me.”

By: Bakari Simpson

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