Bob Arum: “If We Offer Crawford The Best Deal I’m Sure He’ll Take It”

Would Terence Crawford Consider Signing Back With Top Rank?

Promoter Bob Arum opens his arms towards a critical Terence Crawford
Bob Arum opens his arms towards a critical Terence Crawford

Can Bob Arum and Terence Crawford Reconcile?

The spat between Terence “Bud” Crawford (38-0, 29 KOs) and promoter Bob Arum was one of boxing’s big stories of 2021. For much of the year, Crawford was frustrated over his inability to secure a big-money fight, most notably against unified IBF/WBC champ Errol Spence. The WBO world welterweight champion placed the blame squarely at Arum’s feet.

Arum retorted that Crawford was not a marketable fighter. He complained about difficulty promoting him and started losing money in the process! Crawford eventually secured a big fight against two-time welterweight champion Shawn Porter in November of 2021. But by then, Crawford let his contract with Arum run out. Things were beyond repair. Following the win over Porter, Crawford announced he was parting ways and moving on.

On the surface, the relationship between the two seems done. But, is the door open for a reconciliation? During an interview with iFL TV, Arum discussed Crawford’s departure and suggested he’s willing to work with him.


“As far as Terence Crawford is concerned, it’s natural. If we’ll come up with the best deal, I’m sure it’ll be acceptable to him.

“If, for example, we have him fight Josh Taylor and it’s advantageous economically for Crawford and Taylor, he’ll go with that. Now, if somebody comes up with a Spence fight, and they’re offering him a lot of money, he’ll go with that. There’s nothing wrong with that.

“People get sort of crazy because, in this era, it’s long-term contracts. Well, then he’s left you and so forth, no! He’s finished his contract! He’s done his contract, he’s earned what he’s supposed to earn, and now he has to look for the best possible deal that’s out there. That’s the way it used to be.”

Arum gave context further context. He talked about how in the 1980s, fighters like Sugar Ray Leonard and Thomas Hearns never signed long-term deals with a promoter. But, it’s a rarity right now.


While Arum seems willing to work with Crawford, is “Bud” open to doing the same? If Crawford’s ultimate goal is to fight Spence, it would best serve him to do that either on his own or sign a deal with Spence’s promoter, PBC.

The cynic would say Arum mentioned a fight with Taylor not in the interest of Crawford, but for Taylor, who has expressed a desire to move to 147 in hopes of facing him.

The battle between fighter and promoter is as old as the sport itself. As of right now, Crawford is done with Arum and is not looking back. However, if he and Arum settle their differences, it would not be a great surprise. In boxing, never say never.

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By: Garrisson Bland

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