Antuanne Russell: “Matias Is A Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Type Fighter”

Russell Thinks Subriel Matias is More Bark than Bite!

Gary Antuanne Russell says Subriel Matias is not the bully people think he is
Gary Antuanne Russell wants a fight with Subriel Matias (Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images)

Gary Antuanne Russell Labels Subriel Matias “A Foolish Fighter”

When junior welterweight contender Gary Antuanne Russell (17-0, 17 KO’s) next slips on the gloves of combat, he will face Alberto Puello. The two will dance on the undercard of the highly publicized battle between Gervonta “Tank” Davis (Abdul Wahid) and Frank Martin. While not overlooking Puello, Russell is more than confident in his ability to collect the win. If his victory does come to fruition, then Russell would definitely like to lock horns with IBF junior welterweight champion Subriel “El Orgullo de Maernillo” Matias (20-1, 20 KO’s).


Despite Matias’ single professional loss to Petros Ananyan back on February 22, 2022, both Russell and Matias sport 100% knockout ratios in their winning efforts. Even still, Russell is firm in his belief that there is a vast gulf separating their two different skill sets. In fact, when Fight Hype questioned him on the subject, Russell supplied a rather dismissive assessment of the Puerto Rican bruiser.

“I would say [that I want] Subriel Matias. Why? Because everybody keep looking at him as like the bully of 140 and I’m like, honestly, he’s a foolish fighter. He is one of those rock ‘em sock ‘em robot type of fighters. He got strength in both hands, but it’s a lot stuff that he lacks and I don’t think he’s the threat that everybody make him out to be. Especially to the point where you don’t want to match up against him”


Technically speaking, provided both pugilists come out on top and without major damage, their schedules would be nicely lined up for a late-year dustup. This is due to both athletes fighting the same night, albeit on separate cards.

Yet, it remains to be seen if Matias contains the same zeal to go to war with Russell. As he is the only belt-holder in this equation, Matias would own the driver’s seat when determining if this duel would be staged next.

Going a step further, Russell is not even in the top fifteen standings of the IBF rankings. He is, however, ranked #2 with the WBC. That designation would actually put him far more in line to face WBC 140-pound champion Devin Haney. So first, let’s see how each man fairs this June 15, then Russell can continue making his bid for a duel with the IBF champion.

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