Chris Arreola Speaks on Boxing Video Games

Chris Arreola Talks Boxing Video Games

Chris Arreola
Chris Arreola

Chris Arreola talks about the unfortunate situation that is boxing video games.

In our modern society, video games have blossomed into a billion dollar industry. Once, young boys were the primary target market for the industry.

Now, there is a game to match any gender, age or interest that one might have. Realistic sporting games are particularly proficient sellers in the market place.

NBA 2K, MLB 2k and FIFA, to name a few, are all wildly popular video game franchises. They have a loyal fan bases and receive ample purchases and online praise.

The king of all these long-standing staples must be the John Madden football series, which started its run in 1988.

Unfortunately, boxing game fans have sat on the sidelines, sourly watching this gaming boom with no satisfaction.

There have been a number of popular boxing games released over the years. However, lately games dedicated to the sweet science have completely dried up.

The most popular title of the modern era has got to belong to EA Sports ‘Fight Night’. Sadly, Fight Night has been M.I.A since 2011.

Chris Arreola Shares His Thoughts

Recently former heavyweight title challenger Chris “The Nightmare” Arreola (38-5-1, 33 KO’s) gave his take on the subject.

While at a presser, Arreola, who was once featured on one of the prestigious Fight Night releases, supplied his theory on why there hasn’t been a new title in all this time.

“Yea man, I thought they were going to make another Fight Night, but I believe it’s because they have to pay each fighter individually.

“That’s kind of tough man. I was in that one Fight Night, they had to pay us twelve-five ($12,5oo) each fighter. And some fighters wanted more and they were like, ‘nope we’re not paying more!’”

When thinking about all the great fights that have not happened due to disputes over money, it’s very easy to imagine fighters pricing themselves out of game producer’s budgets. This is really a shame.

Boxing is, without question, resuming a serious place of importance with casual and first time fans. Outside of this, the overabundance of diverse talent throughout the 17 divisions is staggering.

There are a few boxing games in the making, one of which that has gained a lot of attention is “Round 4 Round Boxing.”

However, gaming fans will just have to keep the faith that the newer installments will be up to par.

By: Bakari Simpson

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