Bob Arum: “I’m Not Putting Teofimo Lopez In The Ring Without Clearance”

Bob Arum Hesitant To Put Teofimo Lopez Back In The Ring Without An Evaluation

Bob Arum smiles towards Teofimo Lopez
Bob Arum with Teofimo Lopez | Credit: Getty/David Becker

Bob Arum Wants Teofimo Lopez to Get a Clean Bill of Health

After suffering the first defeat of his career, Teofimo “The Takeover” Lopez (16-1, 12ko) did more than lose the titles. He almost forfeited his life too. Lopez’s upset defeat to current unified lightweight champion George “Ferocious” Kambosos sent shockwaves throughout the division.


Before the fight, the former unified champion hinted at having a health problem without fully revealing what the main issue could be. While speaking with the press, he acknowledged going into the fight hurt.

“I’m going into this fight hurt too, but hey, it’s part of the game, it comes with it. That is what separates the greats from being a legend.”

Teofimo Lopez – Former Unified Lightweight Champion

In the aftermath, the boxing community learned that Lopez had a life-threatening condition called pneumomediastinum. It is also known as mediastinal emphysema, a condition where air that should not be present makes its way between the chest and lungs.

Nonetheless, he did not think it would be a problem, and he felt an obligation to the fans. He decided to push forward with the fight at his own risk.

“I thought it was just my asthma. I fought through asthma before. If I told everybody, they would’ve canceled the fight. But I chose not to, because of the amount of pressure I was under.”

Teofimo Lopez – Former Unified Lightweight Champion

Furthermore, he realized the fight got rescheduled so many times that one more would have come with severe backlash from the public. During this period, the normally confident young fighter admitted to having fatal thoughts of suicide.

“I’ve been trying to stay positive. But I’ve been losing this whole year. More than once I’ve been thinking of killing myself.”

Teofimo Lopez – Former Unified Lightweight Champion

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Lopez undoubtedly will move up, and things will only get more difficult in a junior welterweight division loaded with dangerous fights.

Top Rank’s legendary promoter, Bob Arum, is excited about the lucrative fights ahead for Lopez. However, he expressed in an interview with Fighthype, Lopez must first get a clean bill of health before returning to the ring in 2022.

“We have plans for him [Teofimo Lopez]. We have a whole host of 140 pounders that we promote. So he can get his pick of them. But, I’m not putting him in the ring until he gets a complete clearance from the leading doctors in the field.”

“Because he really came this close [used his fingers to demonstrate] to death.”

Bob Arum – Top Rank Chairman

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