Teofimo Lopez: “I’ve Been Thinking Of Killing Myself!”

Teofimo Lopez May Be Dealing With Mental Health Issues

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Teofimo Lopez Has Tough Times and Suicidal Thoughts in 2021

In the aftermath of his bout with Vasiliy Lomachenko, former lightweight champion Teofimo “Take Over” Lopez (16-1, 12 KO’s) revealed some notable injuries. Among them he listed a busted wrist and injured foot. Now, following his upset loss to George Kambosos, it has now come to light that Lopez entered that bout impaired as well. In a news report by ESPN, according to otolaryngologist Dr. Linda Dahl, the Take Over was very close to losing his life in his duel with Kambosos.

This is due to him being diagnosed with pneumomediastinum. This condition, also known as mediastinal emphysema, is when air that should not be present finds its way into the space between the chest and the two lungs. His diagnosis was completed during his post-fight medical exam. As one might imagine, this is not a pleasant feeling aliment so it begs the question: why didn’t Lopez say something? Well, as far as he believed, the problem was not that big a deal. That and he felt an obligation to the fans.

 “I thought it was just my asthma. I fought through asthma before. If I told everybody, they would’ve canceled the fight. But I chose not to, because of the amount of pressure I was under. I didn’t want to hear people say, ‘Oh, another postponement.'”


Obviously, the Take Over was not able to brave through his physical maladies as he had in the Lomachenko fight. Yet it must be said that there really was no point in the bout when Lopez appeared to be suffering from stamina issues. Nor did he appear to be suffering from labored breathing. Nevertheless, his being stripped of the titles, knocked from his perch and lambasted by countless fans and fellow fighters could very well plunge Lopez into a dark zone. This should not be all that far-fetched of a belief.

Lopez already revealed that he has had tough times navigating his professional life with his father as his chief second. This is due to him feeling that many times his father chose his role as trainer, and dedication to the sport, over his position as his father and their family obligations. To further underline line this, in the same ESPN report, the Take Over openly admitted to having suicidal thoughts on a number of occasions in 2021. This is very contrary to his public persona. Normally, Lopez comes off as bristling with confidence and riding on cloud nine. While it may be true at times, or in spots, clearly at other moments the ‘top of the world’ act is merely a front.

“I’ve been trying to stay positive. But I’ve been losing this whole year…[more than once I’ve been] thinking of killing myself.”


It’ll be interesting to see what news and activity comes out of the Lopez camp over the next few weeks and months. Will the Take Over get a new trainer, or an additional one? Will he remain at lightweight and attempt revenge or move up to super lightweight as he’s threatened to do for quite some time? Can Lopez bounce back better than ever or will he sink further into a bleak and desolate emotional space? Who knows? The only thing known for certain is that Teofimo Lopez has some hard times and tough decisions to make if he is going to regain his lofty status in the sport.

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By: Bakari Simpson

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